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4 Huge Benefits of Investing in Custom Made Lobby Signs

Nothing beats the charm of a great first impression especially in the world of business as it will determine whether your potential customers are interested in trying out your products and services or not. This is where the foundation of their trust and you, as a business owner, will have to nurture that by ensuring that your establishment looks presentable enough both on the inside and outside. Most of the time, people glance at the building’s facade, and from there, they decide whether the business is worth a try. 

Furthermore, an outdoor lobby that lacks necessary elements would leave a bad impression on passersby, which would result in them immediately ignoring your establishment. It’s safe to say that they wouldn’t even look at your building again. It will surely influence how your business will run because this is the part where a business transaction begins. The failure to persuade customers through your building’s outdoor appearance will reflect on your performance too. Therefore, investing in advertising elements such as outdoor lobby signs will help you gain new customers while at the same time transforming your shop’s overall look.


  • Lobby signs appear inviting to most customers


In locations where most businesses are set up alongside each other, these areas are often crowded with people that obstruct the pathways and would sometimes be stressful to other passersby with their overly-designed outdoor graphics and signages. A well-designed lobby sign will surely make a good impression on customers and convince them to patronize your products. Additionally, it also helps your business to be different from the rest of your competitors. The design elements on your lobby sign should not be too overpowering and too lacking but should be balanced.


  •  Lobby signs promote your brand better


What better way to promote your brand than having a good lobby sign? This is your opportunity to introduce your business to the public and inform them of what you do and sell. Moreover, it’s the perfect avenue to display your slogans, logos, or catchphrases that may strike customers and leave them amazed after knowing the background behind your business. This could also be the very reason why your buyers could continue supporting your business. Make sure that you put up the best unique phrases which can be associated directly with your business and brand.


  • Lobby signs could use as guides for directions


Got lost on your way around an unfamiliar building? Lobby signs can also be utilized to guide people towards specific areas in a large building. Essential places like restrooms, fire exits, elevators and entrances should have a lobby sign leading to them. These are needed to help your customers know where to go especially in cases of emergencies and unfavorable events that might pose dangers. On the other hand, lobby signs are also an indicator that a person is in the right building because of the large logo and name that are usually attached to the walls of the reception area. 


  • Lobby signs are the appropriate area to display your business achievements


You have to be proud of every milestone you have achieved with your business. There’s nothing wrong with displaying your awards and other achievements because you earned them together with your team’s efforts and displaying them recognizes the time, talents, and motivation that they have offered just to reach those successes. Likewise, it also increases the trust your clients have in you and the services you provide to them. In short, you also celebrate your success with them because if not for them as well, you wouldn’t have reached greater heights and overcame challenges along the way.


Final thoughts


Many have the common misconception that customized backlit lobby signs are only for formal business establishments and large companies due to their minimalist aspects. The image that they have of the common lobby signs is usually the usual logo on the left and the business name on the right plus the slogan below the name. But, that’s not always the case since you can also be creative with your lobby sign. You can incorporate artistic elements such as silhouettes, figures and other images related to your business.


Planning to invest in customized backlit lobby signs? There are several fabrication companies that cater to such signs out there. To narrow down your choices, search for their previous outputs, scroll through the feedback, and check their customization prices. It is better to have you relying on a company that puts a great value on the money you’ve invested for their services and ensuring that they produce a lobby sign that meets your expectations. For the installation part, you can opt to have reliable people in your team to put it up for you, given if they are knowledgeable in doing it or simply request the company itself to do the installation as well as shipping the sign directly to your shop.


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