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The Myth of the “Infallible Elite”

A commenter BTL called Petra made this claim recently in regard to the conspirators behind 9/11 etc.

All glaring anomalies are deliberate examples of “revelation of the method” / “hidden in plain sight”…

She was referring to the fact Building 7 was so very obviously ‘pulled’. Her thesis being the elites are basically infallible, literally incapable of human error and when they appear to goof or slip up and reveal their lies or fakery, this is all part of their plan.

They are gods essentially, not mortals, and whatever they reveal unto us will be what they choose us to know of their infinite power.


So, here’s my reply to her.

I recall a true-crime show once where a total psychopath planned his wife’s murder in meticulous detail. Gave her antifreeze by injecting it into an unopened coke bottle or something. Planned an alibi for when she died, covered his tracks.

But then he didn’t empty the trash and the antifreeze container was found there, plus a receipt in his car for the purchase.

Oh, and he had googled ‘how to kill your wife and get away with it’ and hadn’t deleted the search.

Do we think this was intentional “revelation of the method”? Or just an idiot getting caught out?

Do we assume the guy’s intention all along was to get found out and put on death row – because that is where he ended up? Or do we figure he wanted to get away with it, thought he’d been brilliantly deceptive but was defeated by his own limitations?

And, by the way, he was not an isolated example. True crime is littered with people such as this. Often highly educated, intelligent, privileged people who hatch plans to remove a spouse, rival, business partner etc that combine superficial cunning with breathtaking omissions of basic common sense.

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