Posted by STEPHEN MCMURRAY Posted on 17 September 2021

Heroes and Villains

Throughout the covid crisis the world has been turned upside down. Truth has been portrayed as lies and lies have been promulgated as truth. Scientific facts have been labelled as heresy and pseudo-science and outright fraud has become gospel. Villains are seen as heroes and heroes as villains. So, who are the real heroes and who are the real villains?

The Medical profession

The Villains

The NHS, that creaking behemoth that lurks form one crisis to another, whose insatiable appetite for funding can never be quenched and, ironically, cannot cure its own ills, never mind that of the population, is certainly no hero. Yet this crumbling idol was worshipped every Thursday evening by the masses clapping like Pavlovian sea lions even as they and their families were being refused entry into its hallowed halls unless they had been branded as covid carriers and therefore worthy of treatment.

Whilst the population applauded in adoration, the NHS was playing up to its role of God by placing DNR notices on the elderly and mentally disabled against their wishes because every deity needs it sacrificial victims. In empty hospitals up and down the country nurses and staff were making merry little dance videos whilst people were dying from untreated cancer and heart attacks in their homes.

The Heroes

These are the medical experts and the doctors and nurses who broke ranks and stood up for the truth. People like Sunetra Gupta, the infectious disease epidemiologist who was one of the creators of the Great Barrington Declaration who was subject to sustained attacks on her integrity for simply ignoring the hysteria and suggesting a logical and common-sense approach to dealing with covid. People like Doctor Anne McCloskey from Northern Ireland, who is now under investigation for coming forward to inform the public about the dangers of the vaccine and how many patients she has witnessed suffering from side effects. There is also Dr Sam White, who has been suspended and silenced by the NHS for daring to question the safety of the vaccines and raising concerns about informed consent.

These, and the numerous other individuals who have risked their careers and livelihoods because they have the moral integrity to tell the truth in an attempt to protect the public, are the real heroes. These are the only people in the medical profession who will be able to look the public in the eye and say they played no part in the covid carnage and did their best to prevent it.

The Media

The Villains

Of all those responsible for the dire situation we find ourselves in, the mainstream media are the most culpable. Had they told the truth about the real risks of covid from the outset, the governments would never have got away with their draconian and inhuman diktats. But truth is anathema to these people.

They never questioned the validity of the useless PCR tests nor why deaths by any cause whatsoever was designated a covid death just because someone tested positive via those useless PCR tests. They never seemed at all curious as to why DNR notices were being placed on patients without their consent or why the elderly were removed from hospitals and put into care homes to die in their thousands.  Nor did they ask why hospitals were actually empty when there was supposedly a pandemic raging outside, or why people with life-threatening ailments were denied treatment or why quarantining a whole country whilst obliterating their human rights was seen as acceptable.

Instead, they spewed out propaganda Goebbels would have been proud of with fake images of people dropping dead in the streets in China and fake queues of covid patients outside hospitals. They enthusiastically and unquestioningly reported the ludicrous predictions of Neil Ferguson that 500,000 would die even though every prediction he has ever made about anything has proven to be so inaccurate the government would be better asking for advice from a fairground fortune teller or getting someone from their canteen staff to read the tea leaves for them.

Not only did they support every draconian measure, they demanded more of them. More lockdowns, more masks, more restrictions. Shut the schools, shut the cinemas, shut the pubs, lock everyone in their basement because the end is nigh, culminating inevitably, with the call for full – on fascism with their promotion of pointless, illegal, unethical and downright dangerous vaccine mandates, whilst at the same time censoring anyone who questioned the narrative. They truly are the enemy of the people.

The Heroes

These are the journalists and alternative news sources who refused to be intimidated by the tsunami of abuse aimed at them or big tech’s attempt at censoring them. They made their voices heard, small islands of truth in an ocean of deceit.

News sources like UK Column who have been exposing the shadowy machinations of government departments and councils for years. In particular, they have been at the forefront of highlighting the government’s use of behavioural scientists to secretly steer public opinion throughout the ‘pandemic’. Then there is David Icke, maligned and ridiculed for years, he persevered with getting the truth out, predicting this very eventuality – total surveillance, forced vaccines, digital IDs and the race towards transhumanism. He outlined the agenda right from the outset of the ‘pandemic.’ If only people had listened.

The Education System

The Villains

The teachers and their unions have been a disgrace. Rather than prioritising the needs of the children, they have treated them with contempt. They are only concerned with their own self-interest. It is clear that some teachers refuse to go back to work because they simply are too lazy to do their jobs and are using covid as an excuse. They don’t have the slightest interest in the children’s education. Moreover, those that actually believe the government covid narrative are prepared to endanger the health of the children in their care to protect themselves. They insist that children must wear masks to protect the teachers, even though they reduce oxygen levels, increase carbon dioxide levels and have been shown to contain toxins and dangerous bacteria. The fact that masks don’t work and children have never been found to transmit the virus in any appreciable way, doesn’t matter to these people.

Worse still, there are teachers that are insisting that the kids be vaccinated. Never mind the sheer evilness of wanting to inject an experimental medication into young children, in breach of the Nuremburg code and all human ethical values, it has definitively been proven that vaccines will not stop transmission of the virus.

These people should never be allowed to be in charge of children. They have no morals whatsoever. Nor do they have the intelligence to think for themselves and challenge the obvious propaganda surrounding the covid narrative. Are they really fit to teach anything to anyone?

The Heroes

These are the parents who have stood up to the tyranny of the teachers and teachers unions. The parents who refused to accept the madness of the mask mandates and fought for their child’s right to breathe. The parents who will not get allow their kids to be experimented on with untested vaccines by the psychopaths and the sycophants for big pharma. Those who put their children’s wellbeing above all else instead of crumbling under the barrage of lies and fear. Instead of being shamed into jabbing their kids to protect their teachers, they have shamed those very same teachers and shown that they are not worthy of ever being in charge of children again.

The Religious Leaders

The Villians

For the most part, the churches, have remained silent throughout the entire ‘pandemic’.  The leaders of every church, chapel, mosque and synagogue should have been vociferous in their condemnation of the lockdowns. Instead, they said nothing about the terrible toll they have had on the mental and physical health of the population, particularly the poorest in the community. They said nothing about the elderly that were killed in the care homes nor those that had DNR notices placed on them against their wishes. They didn’t even stand up when their own places of worship were being closed.

They should have fought against the evil that has now so explicitly revealed itself. That is their vocation, after all. Every day, they pay lip service to fighting some tenebrous, malevolent force but when it manifests itself in front of them, they retreat into the shadows. They should have raised their heads above the pulpit and made it clear that our rights come from God and not government but, from most of them, we heard nothing. Who would want to go to a place of worship were the leader has no compassion and no morals?

The Hero’s

Despite the official silence form the churches, a number of clergy did raise concerns about the vaccine passports when they signed an open letter to Boris Johnson back in April. The real heroes, though, are not from these shores but from Canada. In Alberta, pastor Tim Stephens refused to give up his God-given right to preach and was arrested for holding a maskless outdoor service. Then there is pastor Artur Pawlowski. Police tried to shut down his church service and, as he was dragged away, rather succinctly and accurately called them out for what they are – “Gestapo psychopaths.” He subsequently had his home broken into and received 1500 death threats.  His message to everyone was “watch what’s happening here because it’s coming your way, unless you rise up, stand up, and fight.” This is a warning that needs to be heeded as the citizens, or, more accurately, prisoners of Australia have suddenly come to realise.

The Police

The Villains

The police have shown their true fascistic face with their over-zealous enforcement of the preposterous covid rules. From saying they will check what is in a person’s shopping trolley to ensure they are only purchasing essential goods, to telling people they can’t sunbath in their own garden. Their lack of knowledge of the actual law and their callousness in implementing it were equally extreme.

Of course, the laws are only to be enforced by those they deem unworthy. So, whilst thousands of citizens were being fined and manhandled by the police; politicians, government advisors and Oxford professors could break the law with impunity. Whilst anti-lockdown protestors were attacked and beaten by the police, the Marxist BLM gangs could march and protest freely.

The Heroes

But there are some true heroes. One is the former police man, Mark Sexton, who made the brave decision to go to his local police station to present evidence of crimes against humanity, naming Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty amongst those that are culpable. There is also the policeman who recently wrote an open letter highlighting all the covid narrative inconsistencies and the dangers of lockdowns. In a very well researched document, it is clear that he is extremely concerned about our descent into despotism and is trying to enlist other officers to start a grass roots movement within the force to fight back against the tyranny.

The Public

The Villains

These are the woke, virtue-signallers and the self-righteous who wear their compliance to covid rules on their sleeves or more accurately on their faces. They wear masks everywhere – inside, outside, when their driving, no doubt even when they are sleeping, so they can have happy dreams of being so socially responsible.

Although they revel in self-congratulatory feelings, they are filled with disgust and hatred for those that don’t comply. Unable to think for themselves, they refer to the non-mask wearers as granny-killers, parroting the lines fed to them by the government propaganda machine. They will snitch on you if you have kids over to your child’s birthday party that aren’t part of their bubble and aren’t wearing full hazmat suits. They will snitch on you if you have your granny over for a cup of tea if she isn’t seen to be sipping it through a multi-layered mask soaked in disinfectant. They will snitch on you if you invite too many people to your recently deceased relative’s funeral and probably accuse you of killing them.

Ironically, they see themselves as the intelligent ones and everyone else as stupid. They know the truth because they watch the BBC and the non-believers are all conspiracy nuts

They are the people Orwell warned us about. They are the collaborators. It will be their actions that will help bring about and end to us all if we don’t stand up to them.


These are the everyday men and women who have not been brainwashed by the government propaganda. They have not been cowed by the barrage of abuse by politicians, mainstream media and their fellow citizens. They are the ones who will not be intimidated into being vaccinated against their will, who refuse to wear a mask because they know it is a symbol of oppression, who vociferously question the covid narrative at every opportunity, who tell the truth even it alienates them from friends and family. These people are the true heroes and their numbers are growing by the day. It is the everyday man and woman who will eventually put an end to the madness, force the truth to be revealed and demand justice for those that perpetrated the biggest crime in human history. Eventually the people will be victorious.

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