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Email About NHS ‘Care’ In The UK … you may have liver cancer so we’re taking you into hospital and you can have only one visitor every seven days and it has to be the same person

Hi there Gareth, hope all is well with you and your family and new family member!

Have a hospital story from this morning to share with you concerning my brother and me being able to visit him. He’s not been feeling well for a couple of months.

Loss of appetite and then bloated stomach. No pain, just discomfort. Not GP registered as hasn’t had a need to go for 10 years. So hasn’t been to a doctor. Last week he got lower back ache and it all got too much, and on Sunday he called an ambulance.

Ambulance came, asked if he’d had his jab, said no, as neither of us have as we don’t believe it. They tried to push it regarding it’s safety etc. Anyway they take him to hospital and start doing tests. Got moved to a ward yesterday morning (King George’s Hospital in Redbridge), initial diagnosis is that it may be liver cancer, and so I went to visit him yesterday.

Spoke to him on the phone today and he said he heard something about limited visits. I said I’d check. Called the hospital ward and was told that after 7 days he’s allowed 1 visitor for 30 minutes a week, and the visitor had to be the same one. I double checked after my disbelief and yes, one visit per 7 days. And that’s after the person has been hospitalised for 7 days. I was told the staff nurse made an exception for me yesterday.

Now my brother is tech savvy, has use of phone and a laptop. But what about those with mental health issues or the elderly who don’t? One visit for half an hour per week from the same person? Is it any wonder deaths are up if this is the way people are being treated, so either dying alone in hospital or staying at home without treatment to die with loved ones? It’s utterly heartless and outrageous. Anyway, thank you for your time.

Peace and warmth

[Name Supplied]


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