Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 September 2021

Vaccine passports: ‘Covid’ rule change ‘a blow to most vulnerable’ say pair of prats at the BBC

You check your pockets before you leave the house – phone, keys, purse, wallet… and vaccine passport.

Well, you can forget the last one on that list after a plan to introduce proof of double vaccination for access into nightclubs and large events in England was reversed.

The aim of vaccine passports, supposed to come in at the end of the month, was to reduce Covid cases and avoid lockdowns.

But it was criticised by venues, some MPs and people who’ve not yet been vaccinated.

Laith Alobaidi tells Radio 1 Newsbeat the lack of a vaccine passport is “another blow to sick and disabled people, the most clinically vulnerable to Covid”.

The 26-year-old lives with Crohn’s Disease, and due to the medication he takes to manage his health, he’s highly immunocompromised and clinically extremely vulnerable. He’s spent most of the last 18 months shielding, even when the guidelines have said it’s safer to go outside.

“Many of us are used to being more cautious around catching viruses because we’re more prone to it,” he says. Laith, from Devon, feels vaccine passports would make him feel more comfortable attending clubs and events.

“It would give me reassurance. And it feels like there aren’t too many accommodations for the most vulnerable at events.”

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