Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 September 2021

How to Help Your Managers be Successful

Managing managers can be difficult, especially when those managers all have their own direct reports to deal with. It is really important though that you, as their boss, set them up for success, and work in a way that facilities shared learnings. If your team knows they can rely on you when they need a helping hand, a word of advice, or a second opinion on their direction, then they will feel more empowered to meet their goals. 

Give Them the Right Tools

You cannot set expectations for your managers and then not give them the tools they need to meet them. Setting people up for success means giving them all the support they need to accomplish their tasks. These tools can range from mental tools, all the way through the right technology to get their jobs done. The logistics industry is a great example of one where there are so many moving parts, management needs a specific set of tools to have even a chance of daily success.

If you are expecting your fleet managers to be able to keep tabs on all their drivers and trucks, you need to equip them with the proper software. With dash cam streaming you can also create an element of mobile management, in real time. You can review a guide on choosing the best live stream dash cams to determine what is the best fit overall. Once you have decided to dedicate yourself to going through training with your team, this gives encouragement that you are not expecting them to do something that you as their superior cannot even do, and also means that you know how to utilize the software that your team can in case you ever need to pinch hit for one of your managers. 

Encourage Them to Self-Start

Finding a balance between being a support and being a crutch can be hard. When you work in management, learning how to approach all the different personalities and work styles that you deal with each day takes finesse. You can help your managers find success be reassuring them that once they have what they need to perform their duties, they are more than capable. Let the struggling ones know that anyone can change but it is a choice, and they are the only ones who can make that choice for themselves. 

Celebrate Them

Acknowledgement is a huge piece of the puzzle of success. If your managers are trucking along each day, doing what they believe they are supposed to be doing, with no feedback or acknowledgement from you, then how can you expect them to gauge if they are doing a good job or not? Make a point to celebrate their achievements, even if they are small or seem insignificant, because chances are, in their eyes, they are neither. You might be surprised to learn how far a thank you email can go in terms of showing your support.

For larger milestones and achievements, make the celebrations public. Start off a team meeting by congratulating someone on a work anniversary or by calling out a manager who hit a goal recently. This kind of acknowledgement can act as fuel for the rest of the team to work towards one day being one of the people receiving this type of celebration themselves. 


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