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How the vaccines are killing people and they are calling it ‘Covid’

This first hand experience needs to get out there.

Canada needs your help!

I can’t be silent anymore. Enough is enough! It’s time to tell everyone my first hand experience.

August 16 my uncle was getting to be discharged from Kelowna General Hospital.  Before they discharged him he was given a c*vid test.

August 16 test came back negative

August 16 he was given his first shot of the Pfiz*r  v*ccine.

August 17 when he woke up he felt really sick.

August 19 he was admitted back in Kelowna General Hospital.

August 19 he tested positive for C*vid

On August 20 I spoke to him for almost and hour.

He told me that he got sick right after his shot.

August 21 I asked him to ask his doctor about early treatment like ivermect*n and high dose vitamins. Like India was doing with great response.

By August 24ish I spoke to his nurse and she confirmed what he was saying was true.

He was given the standard C*vid treatment. Even though he has other underlining he*lth concerns like his liver.

By August 30 he was on 85% oxygen.

My mom was contacted around the same time by his doctor asking her if they should make him comfortable to dye. She expressed her concerns about his treatment and asked he be taken off the meds.

He was and started to improve a bit.

On September 3 I asked her nurse how is it that he could test negative one day and literally hours after his Pfiz*r v*ccine be sick with c*vid. I said it doesn’t make sense. How can someone test positive and have no symptoms but my uncle was hours away from being sick and test negative. I asked if this was being reported to the health officials. She told me to call Interior Pubic Health.

September 3 I reported it.

September 6 I get a call back saying that they decided his case would not be reported as a possible side effect. He did not meet their criteria. He would be classified as a C*vid case.

I expressed my concerns that they were classifying his case as  c*vid and not a possible effects from the v*ccine. Why would they not want to look into this?

Why should I trust my body to this experimental drug if they were not doing there do diligence on tracking possible effects. The facts didn’t add up.

September 7 I got a call back and was told yet again this was not going to be reported.

Worse he would not be exempt from getting his second shot.

My uncle was now at 95% oxygen.

I said but he got sick after the first one and now has C*vid. Like every known vir*s your body builds up a natural immunity. That’s how our immune system works, we seamed to all forget that. I would not back down and was now demanding that this be reported.

I was told then that his nurse was also asking for this to be reported.

September 7 I spoke to his doctor. I asked her how many patients in the hospital were v*ccinated. She stumbled on her words and said that was not a report that they are provided with. I asked if they were tracking the cases of v*ccated patients. Her answer was unclear and confusing. I took it as a no they are not tracking this.

September 8 I was told his case would now be exempt and not recommended the second dose and his case has now been reported.

My conclusion is this is not being reported properly. They would made someone on their death bed get the v*ccine. Unless you’re stubborn as heck like me, most likely cases are not being reported. This is my first hand experience. Not a I know someone that knows someone that got hurt from taking the v*ccine.

** Up date. September 11.

I got to talk to a nurse after 2 days of calling and waiting.

She told me he was at 70% now. I was so happy. I asked again to talk to him. She said around 2 pm. After talking to my mom, I called back Kelowna General Hospital.

I got another nurse. He was nice too!! They all have been nice!!

I asked. How many people are in the hospital with c*vid that have one or more doses.

He said he didn’t know. I asked him if that is being monitored. He said well I guess we can look it up through their medical care. I asked him why it wasn’t on their charts. He didn’t know.

My uncle was so medicated today when I spoke to him all I could hear is the ventilator. So he gets better then not.

10 days left is what I was told. I will make sure that of g*vernment keeps records of everything. The people need informed consent.

***Update September 12****

My uncle passed away today

December 16, 1962- September 12, 2021

Sorry about all the *’s I don’t want this post to be tagged by F^cebook pushing this experimental drug on people and only telling one side of the story.


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