Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 September 2021

Australian psychopathic fascist moron senator threatens to come for the unvaccinated ‘lock, stock and barrel’ as she tells them it’s time to stoke division and really make them start feeling the heat

Jacqui Lambie sits as a Senator for Tasmania in Australia’s federal parliament. In comments made on an Australian news programme, she has shown who she truly represents.

“I think people are getting quite agitated right out there now outside there Pete, and those anti-vaxxers out there, that 20 or 30 per cent, ah, the ones out there ah protesting on the streets and doing that sort of thing, I think you’re going to find the rest of us coming at you lock, stock and barrel, ah, and we’re going to be putting the pressure on you fairly hard because the rest of us that are trying to do the right thing by the country, and our kids, and get vaccinated and do the right thing, um, I think for you we’re going to start getting even more agitated and we’re going to start getting more hardcore and I think that’s what you’re going to see massive division out there, ah, and it’ll be us on the front foot, that’s what I think’s gonna happen, I think the tide is going to turn, on those anti-vaxxers out there and you are really gunna feel the heat.

That was almost one complete sentence. We would usually edit verbal stumbles out of transcriptions but we wanted to make a point. These are not Jacqui Lambie’s words. These are rehearsed talking points, deliberately crammed into one long rambling sentence in order to send a message.

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