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Swindon primary school run by lunatics scraps gender-neutral lavatories after parent backlash

A primary school has scrapped gender-neutral lavatories following a backlash from parents, amid claims some pupils were left scared and upset.

Moredon Primary School in Swindon introduced a new policy which saw its shared bathrooms open to all pupils regardless of gender.

The lavatories were not modified in any way, meaning urinals remained in use in the boys’ facilities despite girls being allowed in.

However, the decision that was made without warning or consultation was met with anger by several parents who have now forced the school into a swift U-turn.

One mother said she was concerned the introduction of gender-neutral facilities could “normalise” the use of lavatories with people from the other sex.

“It makes kids think it’s normal to be sharing toilets with other sexes, but when you go out, you can’t do that,” she said.

“It’s not like Asda or McDonald’s have gender-free toilets, so why does the school think it’s acceptable?”

School admits to not taking the best ‘approach’

Although most parents were against the changes to the children’s facilities, the main reason behind the anger did not relate to the subject of identity, but of privacy and the fact nobody that was informed.

Another mother said: “My child is eight and the first I heard was when he came home and told us there was a little girl in the toilet while he was using the urinal.

“I also heard that there was a little girl with autism who was upset and scared, as a little boy went in and was watching her while she was on the toilet.”

The school later made the decision to revert the lavatories back to how they were, separate for girls and boys.

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