Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 September 2021

There are complete mindless prats and then there is Derbyshire Police: Now the fun police pounce on newlyweds for the crime of wanting nice pics: Derbyshire officers boast of stopping bride and groom posing in their wedding outfits at fenced-off beauty spot. You are mentally-ill chaps. Everyone can see it except you and the idiot in charge

Derbyshire police branded a newlywed couple ‘bridezilla and groomzilla’ as they shamed them online for wanting to take wedding photos at a fenced-off beauty spot.

The killjoy cops – from the force that stalked hillwalkers with drones during lockdown and dyed a lake black to stop people photographing it – revelled in blasting the happy couple.

The unnamed pair and their official photographer had bypassed a 6ft fence erected at the picturesque Foremark Water reservoir near Repton to stop people swimming there during the hot summer months.

Rather than risking their lives in the dangerous depths, the couple, still in their wedding outfits, were planning to pose on the banks and be captured with the blue waters as a backdrop.

But that proved too much for the Melbourne Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team, who blasted them for inching too close to what the officers branded the ‘toxic’ waters, despite them providing the Leicester area with its household supply.

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