Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 September 2021

Letter to a Covidian: A Time-Travel Experiment

The Criminalization of Physical Presence… and the Power of a Hug

Hello there. I understand you’re a believer. You have zealous, unwavering faith in the System. You Trust The Science™. You deem anything that falls beyond the margins of the approved narrative “misinformation,” “conspiracy theories,” and “fake news.”

You dutifully wear your badge of obedience. You social distance. You lock down when you’re told to lock down. You report others for violating these and any other applicable dictates.

You were first in line to get injected. You were first in line to get re-injected. You cried tears of joy both times. You cannot wait to get your booster injection.

You have not bothered to conduct independent research outside the authorized avenues of deception; read peer-reviewed scientific literature not funded by the pharmaceutical drug cartel; or critically evaluate the press releases being parroted by your “trusted leaders,” “experts,” and media mouthpieces.

You demand that everyone who is a nonbeliever either comply with the decrees of your faith or be excluded from public activities, deprived of employment, denied access to health care, stripped of their right to protest, bullied into submission, and quarantined.

You find these heretics disgusting, despicable spreaders of disease who are a threat to the public health. You wouldn’t be against removing them from your community, maybe concentrating them in a special holding center—until they get injected, anyway. You feel no pity if they die. It’s their own fault, after all.

Maybe you’re not that bad. Yet. Give it a few more weeks.

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