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Georgia Coach Admits Bulldogs Have Had ‘Highest Spike’ In ‘Covid’ Cases Even With Over 90% Of The Team Fake Vaccinated (It wouldn’t be the fake vaccine effects causing the ‘spike’ then? Of course not, sorry for asking the obvious)

Georgia Bulldogs Coach Kirby Smart spoke out this week to admit that three or four of his players are sidelined with COVID-19 days before the team is set to host its first home game against UAB at Sanford Stadium on Saturday.

While speaking to reporters on Monday, Smart refused to identify the players by name.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’m as concerned as I’ve ever been, because we have three or four guys out with COVID and we have a couple staff members that have been out with COVID here recently,” Smart said, according to ESPN. “For us, we’re at our highest spike. And people are talking about vaccinations, well these are people that are vaccinated.”

“We’re talking about breakthroughs, and so that concerns you not only for the players on your team that are unvaccinated, that are playing and not playing, because we want everybody to be safe,” he added. “But it concerns me for the players that are vaccinated that we could lose them.”

This comes one week after Ron Courson, Georgia’s sports medicine director, tested positive for COVID-19. This left him unable to travel with the team to their game against Clemson on Saturday.

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