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Cryptocurrencies and the Risk that Comes with Investment

Are Cryptocurrencies Worth the Risk? An Objective Analysis

Cryptocurrency has become more and more mainstream and difficult for various investors worldwide to ignore. Many of these digital currencies are touted as the future of finance. While some people still doubt their significance, others find them to have limitless potential.

Many corporations and financial institutions continue to buy into the idea of digital currency, thus increasing its influence and popularity globally. Before delving into what cryptocurrencies have to offer and the various risks they might come with, let us make sense of what exactly cryptocurrencies are and what all the buzz is about.

What are Digital Currencies, and How Do They Differ from Paper Currencies?

Cryptocurrency is like any regular currency, except that you can’t see or touch it. You can trade and purchase items with them, but they differ from the standard paper currency because they are digital. Just like physical wallets house traditional money, so do virtual wallets hold cryptos.

Different units of cryptocurrency can be bought and sold from brokers gotten through cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining is used to record and register verified trades between digital foreign currencies in a blockchain ledger.

Before you learn how to buy cryptocurrency, you must have an online wallet. Cryptos are entirely digital, so they are kept in digital wallets and sold through online exchanges. Your digital wallet will be online on any of the popular in-app wallets.

Cryptocurrency and the Working of Blockchain

Now that we’ve got the currency and the nifty virtual bag you can store it in, let’s understand what makes cryptocurrency tick. If you have managed to keep up so far, try to hold on tighter cause it is about to get a little more complex.

Cryptos run on a type of database known as blockchain technology. It is essentially like a long magical receipt that keeps growing from each transaction of cryptocurrency. Its records are public, and it is a ledger that contains every cryptocurrency being bought, sold or exchanged. This long magical receipt cannot be tempered because it operates in a decentralized system.

Cryptocurrency and the Buzz Around It

Presently, people see cryptocurrencies as an investment, and it is quickly gaining speed and becoming more widely accepted as a global currency. Some major retailers, such as Whole Foods, Etsy, Expedia and Nordstrom, now have crypto payments integrated into their platforms. 

According to business sites like Investopedia, more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies were in circulation at the start of 2021 alone. Many of these currencies are still being launched as we speak. The most popular is the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Bitcoin remains the most recognized and accepted by people.

However, as of March 2021, Bitcoin became only the second-largest traded cryptocurrency, with Tether taking the first spot. Both Bitcoin and Tether are said to be the only two digital coins have reach over $100 billion in worth, making them by far the most bought and traded cryptocurrencies ever.

Cryptos are exchanged from one individual to another without a third party. To make profits, you can purchase cryptocurrencies and stock them, or you can decide to trade. For example, buy ethereum, bitcoin and others, then sell when their market value has increased.

Then you could also invest in cryptocurrency stocks by purchasing stocks of crypto-related corporations. However, when purchasing crypto stocks, you have to be analytical to consider the best.

Are Cryptocurrencies Worth the Risk?

Before you say goodbye to your traditional currency and hello to Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether, there are a few titbits you need to know upfront.

Firstly, cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and unpredictable, sometimes even by the best. Its value swings way up only to be dragged back down at unpredictable intervals. With virtual currencies, you never really know what you are going to get.

The volatility of cryptocurrency prices makes investing in them very risky. But is it worth the rewards? Of course, it is. Let’s face it, with every form of investment comes some level of risk, and cryptocurrency is no different. Buying at the right time can give you ridiculous profits.

Secondly, there still seems to be little mysteries surrounding some of the inner workings of its operation. Only a select few can grasp its essential knowledge and complete ignorance in the market makes you entirely vulnerable and victim to many frauds and scammers.

However, it is not advisable to completely risk your financial future if you cannot afford to lose the money. Play it safer and consider low volume trades or other investment methods.

The path to building wealth is a slow and steady one; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. When it comes to cryptocurrency, your life can change instantly for both the positive and negative. Is crypto a suitable method of investment? Yes, it is, but cryptocurrencies must be approached with the utmost caution and knowledge of their trades.


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