Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 6 September 2021

Watch This If You Still Believe People Are Thinking For Themselves.

I’m increasingly amazed at what we can learn about human behavior by watching people react to the present pandemic crisis.

Rational thinking, critical thinking, and discernment are largely absent in herd behavior, and if you’ve wondered whether or not people are even thinking for themselves, you’d be asking a great question.

The answer to that great question would be, ‘no.’

People may believe they are having original thoughts, making independent choices, and navigating this crisis under their own volition, but the human mind is incredibly self-deceptive, and we are under the influence of incredibly deceptive experts.

In fact, most of the decisions we make are unconscious, not even registered by the thinking mind. It’s the subconscious mind which drives the majority of human behavior, and if you don’t yet grasp how real this is or how easy is to program the subconscious, then, your understanding of our current situation is woefully incomplete.

We live in a society of influencers, and the one’s who are able to get hundreds of millions of people on the same page about masks, social distancing and lockdowns are the greatest influencers of all time. They know how the mind works, and use this knowledge against you.

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