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Was Robert David Steele Killed By ‘Covid’ Protocol? – David Icke

“Now, um, just to acknowledge, um before we get into the week’s news, um, the death of a whistleblower, er, a deep state whistle blower and freedom campaigner in the United States called Robert David Steele, er, many people would have come across him. I had a long chat with him once and he’s written some very nice things about my books over the years, and he’s died at the age of, er, 69, and the, er, diagnosis, he was in hospital with a respiratory problem and, er, the diagnosis, er has been covid.

Now that is highly suspicious, given there is no covid which makes it seriously, um, suspicious, but also on the same day that, um, we posted news of Robert’s death, um, we also posted a first-hand account by a talk show host in America of her husband going to hospital with straight pneumonia, not covid pneumonia, straight pneumonia, and when he got to hospital, they, um, gave him a covid test, with a test not testing for the virus, and he tested positive, and, er, she points out in this absolutely excellent explanation, that there are two protocols.

If you test positive for covid, you go on the covid protocol, which is almost certainly going to kill you, and, er, if you don’t test positive, then you go on the straight pneumonia protocol, which means you’ll, um, survive, And because of this positive test, they put her husband on the covid protocol. And because of her knowledge of what is happening, um, she challenged that, and insisted instead he had intravenous vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and he was put in the ICU because of the covid test positive, and he came out in record time. Because he didn’t go on their protocol, and their protocol would have led very quickly to him being on a ventilator which would have killed him.

So when you look at what happened to Robert David Steele in hospital, when he was, um, being treated, well clearly, because they said he died of covid, being treated with a covid protocol, um, it makes a lot of sense of why he’s no longer with us, and this is happening on an unbelievable scale, um, this covid protocol, which is actually killing people when they get into hospital.

The last place you need to go if you are ill today, um, in the covid era, is to a hospital, and, you know, even to a doctor because, um, there’s a story on davidickedotcom today of, um, a man who, he contacted his doctor because he had a problem, he thought it was an infection – the doctor wouldn’t see him. He was double-jabbed, he said he was willing to wear a mask, I am willing to wear plastic gloves, but he wouldn’t see him.

And the doctor said, send me a picture of, you know, your infection, so he did, and the doctor prescribed antibiotics, and, but it didn’t go away, it got worse, and eventually he was seen, and what they told him was it was cancer and it was now inoperable because of the length of time it had been left, and this is going on all the time across the world.

The medical profession is an absolute disgrace, yes there are honourable exceptions, but overwhelmingly, it’s an absolute disgrace, and it has become a murder machine, er, and the doctor involved should be struck off immediately, but of course, he won’t be, and so, um, it is very dangerous to go to hospital, and be treated or not be treated by a doctor these days because of the way the whole system has been set up to systematically create the illusion of quote, covid deaths.

So, um, it’s sad to have to report Robert’s passing, because, um, you know, I had a long chat with him on skype, maybe two years ago, two-three years ago, and, um, we didn’t agree on everything, um, but he was a thoroughly decent man, and it’s sad that another one of the push-backers with considerable profile in America has left us, but, you know, when they do, others have to step forward and they will.

So good on yer Robert and, um, you’ll see what’s really going on where you are now.”


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