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Unvaccinated to be ‘locked-out’ of Australian society in most Draconian policy to date despite just 89 people being in hospital with ‘Covid-19’ (They tested positive with a test not testing for the ‘virus’)

The state of Victoria in Australia will move from lockdowns to lockouts of the unvaccinated according to Premier Daniel Andrews, as residents who refuse to get the jab are shut out of sporting matches, restaurants, travel and cinemas.

Mr Andrews said he had given his commitment to Prime Minister Scott Morrison that Victoria would soon run what he called a “series of outdoor vaccinated economy pilots”.

The pilots are expected to involve regional pubs, as well as an examination of ridiculous outdoor learning for kids and a pilot for home quarantine to “allow” more Victorians back into the state.

He said if successful, the plan would be to roll-out the programs more widely once vaccination rates reached 80 per cent of eligible adults, a milestone expected by November 21st thanks to a siege of psychological warfare, coercion, and misery inflicted upon the general population.

“I had a lengthy and very good discussion with the Prime Minister on Wednesday evening about a number of different things. And one of the things that we obviously agree on – and I stressed with him – is that at 70 and more likely 80% double doses, we will have opportunities to open up parts of the Victorian economy to those who have been vaccinated,” Mr Andrews said.

“When we get to those vaccination double-dose thresholds, as part of the national plan, the notion of a lockdown of the whole community is far less relevant. But what I think will become a bigger part of the response is a lockout of many, many venues for those who are not vaccinated.”

Mr Andrews also said: “I’m not going to lock the whole state down to protect people who won’t protect themselves.”

While he did not use the term vaccine passport, he said: “The chances of you booking a ticket for a sporting event or going to a pub will be very, very limited.

“We will have a situation where the economy is operating for the vaccinated, not everywhere, not at full capacity. But the notion for instance, some outdoor drinking and dining, things like that will be absolutely possible,” Mr Andrews said.

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