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What do you need to become a nail artist?

The profession of nail artist is gaining increasing popularity due to the growing demand for nail styling services. What do you need to work in this industry, and where to start with your career? Check our tips and become a full-time nail stylist!


Not that long ago, hybrid and gel nails were a domain of artists and performers. In their everyday beauty routine, women would rather use traditional nail polish. However, things have changed through the years. Today, hybrids are insanely popular in various age groups. It’s no surprise since they have so many advantages, with durability as the main one. 


No wonder that the demand for nail artists remains high. The equipment for gels and hybrids – like UV led lamps, etc. – is easy to buy online. However, making good use out of it requires certain skills. How to achieve them? 


How to become a nail artist?


Contrary to common belief, becoming a sought-after stylist requires some preparation. You don’t need a formal education to work in this profession, but some professional training would definitely be helpful. Potential clients will trust you more if you have some certificates. 


The next step is to create your portfolio. Without a proven track of experience, it’s hard to attract customers. To make it easier, document every new nail creation and display it on your social media. Create separate profiles for your business to keep things professional.


What equipment do you need to become a nail artist?

Creating nail art designs is fun, but bringing them to reality requires some professional equipment. Most of all, you will need a UV lamp adapted for gels and hybrids. Check its power to make sure it will be suitable for both types of styling.


You should also invest in a broad color palette of gel and hybrid nail polish colors to fit your clients’ expectations. Buy fluorescent colors, metallic and pearl semi transparent shades to be able to create various designs. You can find many modern and trendy formulas on Roxie Cosmetics. For instance, Victoria Vynn gel polish is known for its quality and durability. In its case, two thin layers are enough to guarantee a vibrant color. The American brand also offers a wide selection of hybrid nail polishes and nail care quality products that go in line with the latest trends.


You should also invest in primers and topcoats, as well as files (both manual and electric) to take off the old gel layers and provide your creations with perfect finishing. Victoria Vynn offers these as well.


The rest is up to you! To create beautiful nail art, the stylists use different methods. Discover the unlimited possibilities of the nail art and define your style to stand out from the crowd with your designs! 


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