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Transcript of David Icke Interview At London Freedom Protest

Anti-Lockdown march Saturday 28th August David Icke interviewed for almost 30 minutes whilst walking…

GB Resistance interviewer approaches David Icke…

David Icke: “GB! How are you mate!”

Interviewer: “Oh Wow! You recognise us! That’s an honour!”

David Icke: “You’re doing great work mate!”

Interviewer: “Thank you very much! Well thanks for putting some of our stuff up on your website!

David Icke: “Yeah”

Interviewer: “Well what do you think of today and how it’s going?”

David Icke: “It’s always fantastic, because you’re among people of a certain vibration really which comes from their perceptions. They’re open-minded, they’re open-hearted, so it’s a joy to be among people like this especially at a time where you see so many, you know, those that have bought the lie, they seem to be so down and depressed, and heavy and oooh with the masks on, and then you come out on a day like this, and meet these fantastic people whose minds are open and, you know, I’ve said many times that ignorance is bliss but only for a while and then it catches up with you, and ignorance, chosen ignorance, as the information is there, and it’s caught up with an enormous amount of people in this world who have had this jab, and here are the people who have had the intelligence and the self-respect to check the facts not to have it, and it is amazing to be among them – it always is.”

Interviewer: “ And do you think this movement, is a family… is a spiritual movement?”

David Icke: “Yes. It has to be. Spiritual, not in the sense of religion, spiritual in the sense of the heart, in the sense of the realisation that at our core we are consciousness and that all these colours, and bodies and colours of bodies, and races of bodies and sexuality of bodies are all just brief experiences for the same consciousness. We are all each other. And so, when you get to that level of self-perception of self-identity – all the fault-lines come down which are used to divide us, like the vax or non-vax, that race or that race, this sexuality or that sexuality. Always, they are looking for the dividers on the illusions of the world around us – the illusory physical world, when actually we are all the same consciousness having different experiences. That’s what I mean, the spiritual, the realization that of the true sense of identity, the true ‘I’, that’s what opens people up to see the world as it really is, and to see themselves as it really is, as opposed to being prisoners of the … indistinct… and all that stuff. So it is a spiritual movement, no doubt about it.

Interviewer: “And do you feel that most people are disconnected from that sort of spiritual movement?”

David Icke: “Well, I think, um, if you look at my books over the years, you’ll see a common theme which is, as this global cult which I call it which is behind the Covid hoax, which is behind the human caused global warming hoax. Their bottom line goal has always been to disconnect what I call 5-sense mind – that which perceives this world directly – from expanded levels of consciousness, to isolate that in like a reality perception bubble. And then program that isolated 5-sense mind with the perceptions that suit the agenda, and I think in the covid era, what you see is this very clear division and perhaps, perhaps never more in human history has one decision, um, symbolised, more than symbolise, that division, and that is: ‘Do I have the fake jab, or not?’

Cut in tape-

David Icke: (continues): “And by not doing that, you’re doing what the authorities tell you without question. That is the perceptual world of the 5-sense mind in isolated and not expanded consciousness. And then you’ve got those who have retained their self-respect, have done the research, have seen, ‘Hey! I’m not having this!’, um, and that’s come from processing information on a much more expanded level to see what the real story is behind these jabs. And so you see this movement, this division, this very clear division between the perceptions and the behaviour of those who have chosen to have this jab and those who have chosen not to, and, and because it is about a spiritual wake up, which is the last thing this cult wants is a spiritual wake-up, this is why, or a major reason why all the animosity, all the hostility, all the demonization is being turned on people like, are here today. Because, a simple question, who is going to put an end to this? It is not going to be the psychopaths that are perpetuating it, it is not going to be all those people who have just believed what the psychopaths tell them, and done what they told them, it’s going to be people who can see it, and so, with the gift of sight comes the responsibility to do something about it, and, er, we are going to have everything thrown at us for the next two years or so, to try to, er, stop us bringing an end to it, but, er, on the other side, it will end, we are going to bring this down, because it’s going to be a spiritual triumph, um, which will manifest as a triumph for freedom in the world that’s seen and um we are living among (someone says ‘Hello mate!’) in amazing times, and we um should (Man comes up and says: ‘Bless you my friend!, David replies: ‘Thank you, mate!’ Man continues: ‘Keep smiling!’, David responds: ‘Thank you, mate!’) ,um, we are living among in amazing, amazing times when the manipulation of humanity through the ages which has gone on in the peripheral vision, in the shadows, it’s now come into the public arena where we can see it, and now we can bloody deal with it, and we will!

Interviewer: “I’m sorry, there’s someone next to you who wants to say hello!”

(woman: “Hello, David! I’ve met you before! – they hug – David: “I know, how are you!” … indistinct … as a man comes up and warmly hugs David, David then has a picture taken with two women, and a picture with another chap)

Interviewer: “And this lady’s been waiting for quite a while!”

(photo shot with her and David together. Man: ‘Good work Dave!’ David: ‘Thanks!’ other people come up to him and more praise is given, the exclamation: ‘Brilliant!’ is heard. Another comes up: ‘I’ve been following you since 2001, and he talks a bit, David hugs and older shorter Indian lady, and then a man holding a placard come up for a photo with David. The placard reads: ‘I see asymptomatic people”. Another photo shoot with a man with a bigger placard – can’t read it clearly but mentions government lies, altering spike protein and your body, your choice. Another photo with a Man wearing T-shirt reading: ‘we are all one’)

Interviewer: “I wanted to ask as well, oh there’s a backlog!”

(More people come up to David and embrace)

David Icke: “Oh! We’re not going to fail now! We’ve come too far!”

(another lady comes up: ‘Thank you, David! Bless you! David: ‘Thank you!’ and kisses her!)


Interviewer: “What’s one of the best ways people can wake themselves up, because I know you travel around, visit some different countries and you go to different places. What’s one of the best places for people to connect with their higher self?”

David Icke: “Oh! I, er, er, you know, going to these energy places, you know, is very nice and very good and very helpful, but it ain’t you, you don’t have to go through big complexities to wake up and expand your consciousness, er, there’s a lot of myths, you know, about how difficult it is and how you have to go through these, these quests and these processes and stuff like that. If it were me, I can only speak about myself, but I can speak about other people too actually in my experience, um, all you have to do is change your identity. If you self-identify with the labels of a human life, I am a – man, I am a – woman, and I am – this sexuality, that race whatever, this income bracket, that income bracket, this class, that class, you’re self-identifying not with you, not the ‘I’, the eternal ‘I’ that you are, you are self-identifying with the experience. The brief experiences that that the expression of the ‘I’ is having, um, in a brief human experience, so what you’re self-identifying with is, um, what I call the ‘Phantom Self’, it’s not the true ‘I’, which is consciousness having the experience. You’re self-identifying with the experience, um, and what you’re self-identifying with therefore is limitation. Limitation of potential or limitation of the nature of who you are, um, and therefore, where are all these labels, um that people identify with? I am not saying they shouldn’t, you know, enjoy being this race or that race, or this religion, or that religion, nor this sexuality or that sexuality, I am not saying that, but I’m saying, hold the thought that that’s not you, it’s an experience, a brief experience which the real you is having. And when you think, when will these labels exist – right? All these labels that we give ourselves, and are given in a human life. They exist in the realm of the 5 senses. They don’t exist in the realm of expanded awareness. Because Expanded awareness knows this is just a brief experience, um, so when you self-identify with the labels, what you are doing is self-identifying with limitation, and you’re self-identifying with an experience not the ‘I’. When you read (woman interrupts to say hello and get a selfie with David)  when you re-self-identify who you are, as being the consciousness – the internal infinite consciousness as having a brief experience as a human then everything changes, because what you’ve done, is you’ve expanded your sense of self. Your sense of self identity is expanded, you’re not ‘Bill-driving-the-bus’ anymore – that’s an experience. You’re not Ethel on the checkout, that’s an experience, what you are is consciousness.”

Interviewer: “What aspects of a greater consciousness…?”

David Icke: “Yeah, but potentially as much consciousness as you want to be. And so when you self-identify with that expanded sense of self-identity, your consciousness automatically expands with the expansion of self-identity, and you start to access far greater swathes of consciousness, insight, intuition, and your life changes, and the other thing is that if you look at the world and the 5-senses, um, how does it see the world? The world of the 5-senes sees the world as everything apart from everything else. So my 5-senses are looking at you and the people and the building, and I’m seeing them and the empty space between them. Right? But there’s no empty space between us. If you go further into the visual frequency band, we are all expressions of a field of consciousness which connects us all.”

Interviewer: “Which defines reality?” (fairly indistinct, but I think that is what he is saying)

David Icke: “Yes, which is like fish swimming in an ocean. The ocean connects all the fish, and so you’ve got this field of possibility, of probability, and consciousness that connects us all, and at that level, we’re all one, we’re all different unique points of attention within an infinite expansion of consciousness, and, er, so as you look at the 5-senses, it’s, they decode the world, er, in a particular way. They are decoding a very narrow band of frequency, the visual frequency, called visible light, which is absolutely laughably tiny, and what the sight senses do, is they decode that frequency band that relates to form, but it doesn’t decode beyond that. Therefore, I see form, and I see empty space. But expanded levels of consciousness see this ocean of consciousness that connects us all, and as you expand your, as I say, self-identity, your life changes. Now you start to see synchronicities in your life, coincidences you never saw before, because instead of interacting with a tiny, tiny smear of this consciousness its potential possibility as you were in a 5-sense, er, prisoner, now you are accessing greater, and greater swathes of this consciousness field, and therefore you are accessing greater swathes of possibility and probability, and what happens is, your life starts to expand in its experience and amazing coincidences and what’s called synchronicities start to happen which weren’t happening before, um, and this is the spiritual awakening that people talk about. What is it? It’s an awakening from 5-sense perception to expanded perception, and once you get into the level of expanded perception, you don’t see dots anymore, you see pictures and see patterns – therefore you see how everything is connected, and how world events, world manipulation, er, political statements, etc, are all connected, and you start to see the game. So, the people who are on this march are, will be, at the least, at the very least at a level of expanded awareness and big enough to see the dots connect, whereas people who are not here and, um, are buying the covid hoax narrative, and being fake jabbed with this appalling, er, synthetic , er shite, um, they won’t be seeing the dots connect, therefore they won’t be questioning what’s going on, they will just take on perception anything that authority just tells them.”

Interviewer: “ And one thing, one last thing I wanted to ask you, you criticise a lot of people who sort of, er, say :’Oh well, this is what’s normal, this is what’s considered normal, and you have talked psychopaths are running our society and rising to the top. (David says, ‘Yes’) Is that what you believe, because do you think that when we were in tribes and, well a psychopath, you would note them out, (David says :”yes”), and pass then out of the tribe. Do you get now, given the fact that our society is so large, that we’ve just essentially handed all of it over to the control of psychopaths.”

David Icke: “Yeah, well again, you see if you follow the books over the last 31 years, I’ve been charting the constant centralisation of power, and the more you centralise power, the more power you give to the centre, the more power you give to the few over the many, So we started out in a tribal situation like you mentioned, and the people of the tribe decided what the tribe did. Then we had this point, where lots and lots and lots of tribes were formed together in what’s called nations. Now a few people at the centre of the nation deciding what all the former tribes who made that nation now do. And then you go onto the next level when you, which is, like the European Union, and now the Countries are brought together under centralized control and the Countries, you know, the amalgamation of the tribes, so suddenly a few people, unelected dark suits in Brussels start to dictate to what were hundreds and hundreds and thousands of tribes. And around the world, the centralisation of power, we call globalization. Globalisation is simply to centralise power, and at each point of centralisation, fewer people are dictating the lives of more people. And so, we’ve seen this incessant movement of centralisation of power, and where it’s planned to lead is a world government, which would not be elected, it would be bureaucrats and technocrats, and such like, and administrators, and a world army to impose the will of the World government. A world central bank to control all global finance, as I’ve been writing since 1992 – a cashless one-world currency which would not be, there would be no cash – it would be just an electronic currency, one for the world and, um, the other side of it is to impose the fiercest of control by connecting the human mind, the human brain to A.I, and they are openly talking about doing that now. So, um, that’s been the plan all along, and we are now seeing it unfold, but, um, it’s different now because it’s been unfolding from the shadows. It’s been implemented step by step, where each step is not connected to the next step even though they’re fundamentally connected. But now, because of the covid era, where they’ve gone to, they’ve thrown their cards on the table now to really go for it. This is the endgame, they’ve really kicked off now. But what they’ve done is they’ve entered the room, and people can see them. And people are seeing things they never saw before – connections, directions, common themes, common directions, common goals, common tyranny, and so this is a great opportunity, as well as a great danger.”

Interviewer: “One extra thing, A lot of people have been watching from Australia. (David Icke: ‘yeah’) Would you like to say something, words, to people who might be in Australia watching now.”

David Icke: “Well, um, there are some fantastic people in Australia, some very brave people there, who are standing up to the most fascistic tyranny. Now with troops on the streets and all these things that are going on, and you’ll note too, a common theme. That the people that are imposing this, like State governors in America, like the premiers of the states of Australia, not least New South Wales and Victoria. They are, this, um fascism, is being officially imposed anyway, politically by monumental fricking morons. I mean these people, I don’t know how they remember to breathe every few seconds without turning blue. I really don’t. And yet, and you look at, in this country, in Britain, you see Matt Hancock, I mean, you know, if the guy had a brain cell, it would die of loneliness – right? And you look at these other people – complete fricking idiots. Look at Biden! He can’t finish a sentence! And what they are doing is they are putting these lunatics, these morons in power, but of course they are not in power, they are just administering the power, and imposing it through legislation and etc. But what they are doing it for is they want to destroy human self-respect, and if you’ve got a moron – quite a demonstrable moron, and there are loads of them in the premierships of Australia, then you will, um, if you can get people to do what they say anyway even though they are morons, even though their saying makes no sense and contradictory and is just crazy. ‘Oh, we’ve got one covid case’- ‘How do you know?’ – ‘Well, we’ve, someone tested positive for a test not testing for the virus’ – ‘Oh, we’ll have a mass lockdown then!’ And people just lock down!!! Then what you’ve done is, those people who just obey this nonsense, obey these morons, what they are doing is they are handing over their self-respect. And once self-respect is gone, only submission is left. So what I would say to people in Australia is, Instead of abusing these fantastic people, who, against all the attempted intimidation, go out and push back, and take the consequences, instead of abusing them, you should be breaking into a round of applause. You should also be finding a fricking mirror, and asking it a few questions, like, ‘where did my self-respect go?’ Why am I sitting on my hands with my mouth zipped, shaking, you know, like a cornered rat, while fascism is imposed on our country, and I would say…

Interviewer: “ And to the people fighting back…?”

David Icke: “I would say this too, Let, because Australia is ahead of us, in terms of, it’s been going through it’s winter, as we start to go into ours, the northern hemisphere, um, to those in the northern hemisphere, to those in North America and Europe, and Britain, look at Australia – look at the lack of a pushback by vast tracts of the population, and recognise that when you do that, you get what Australia has got! Fascism! You get what you will take. And great chunks of the Australian population, not the fantastic, wonderful people pushing back, but great chunks of the Australian population have taken this stuff, and therefore, they’ve got it. Because fascism is never imposed by fascists, there’s never enough of them. Fascism is imposed by the population acquiescing to fascism. And there are great chunks of the Australian population that really do need to find a mirror, and then go away and explain to their kids and grandkids, why they were sitting on their arse doing nothing when fascism that their kids and grandkids will have to live in for the rest of their life is being imposed. Where’s your self-respect? And I would say that to anyone anywhere. We are now going into a period in the west, in the northern hemisphere where they want to get as near to what is happening in Australia as possible. And the amount of pushback will decide how close they will get to it. This is a time now where there is nothing more important in anyone’s life, but to stand up, look this in the eye, and say, ‘No! No, I am not co-operating with my own enslavement, I’m not co-operating with my children’s and my grandchildren’s enslavement. I am not doing it. No! And there is nothing you can say to me that will intimidate me into giving a centimetre to fascism. That is what has to happen, and it has to happen all over the world, and it has to happen now. The next lockdown, if we acquiesce to it, will be the last one – because what they are planning to do, I said this months ago, is they’ve opened up British society for instance, for an extent, and to American society, they’ve allowed the people into the football matches, they’ve allowed the European football championship, they’ve allowed the music festivals, and they’ve done it on purpose, because what they’re going to do now, is they are going to start claiming very soon, that the cases are going up, which is easily controllable by the test, which is not testing for the virus. The virus has never shown to exist, by the way. They are going to say the deaths are going up from Covid, when the deaths WILL be going up, and they’ll be the consequences of the fake vaccine which is going to kill enormous numbers of people. And they are going to say, we will have to lock down again, and the reason we do, the reason we have this catastrophe of cases and deaths, they’ll say, is because look what we did in the summer, when we opened up, we must never do that again. And it’s all a psychological game, it’s all a Psy-Op, on the human psyche to get them to see the world as these psychopaths want us to see it. And so this period we are coming up to now, are very close, and they are going to want to play these cards – we have to be immovable. Because there is no consequence, no consequence they can threaten us with, which is more sinister and more catastrophically devastating for people’s lives even the fact that they are alive and stay alive, and their freedom than to take this fake jab. This is why they are bringing in these sanctions being protested against today, they are bringing in these sanctions against the non-vaccinated, non-fake-vaccinated because they want to make it impossible for those that don’t have the jab to live even a smear of a normal life. Because they want to pressure everyone to have it, because this is an agenda not to protect health, but to kill enormous numbers of people globally in a long predicted de-population agenda, and to transform the genetics of the bodies of those that survive. This is a time that we have to look sheer undiluted evil in the eye and wait for it to fricking blink.”

Interviewer: “Thank you very much, Mr. Icke (David says: ‘Thank you’)! A fantastic interview!”


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