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Top 3 Huge Wall Art Ideas You Can Try at Home

Who does not pause to admire a piece of art that you’ve found in a particular place? This is also applied to the artworks displayed in our homes, even if we’ve gazed upon the beautiful piece countless times. Sometimes, it’s quite overwhelming to have a huge piece of art attached to a wall because of various reasons. One, the preference of art may not be appreciated by your visitors, or two, the image itself does not match the concept of your home’s interior. Whatever the reasons may be, wall art displayed on a large scale is either a bold risk or a positive factor that can magically transform your entire space. But looking on the brighter side of things, one thing for sure is that with large wall art, you do not have to allot longer time to look for smaller ornament pieces to fill up that dull space just to meet the expectations you have for your interior. 


You do not have to worry about what you need to do since you’ve got this article that will assist you in selecting the most appropriate choice for your interior. Wherever you decide the wall art to be displayed, we’ll make sure it will complement the vibe or the atmosphere you’re aiming for. But all the recommendations emphasized here are merely suggestions, meaning you are free to incorporate your thoughts and ideas as well since you alone would know best what should or should not go with your interior. 


Canvas wall art


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Canvas prints that are laid out on large scales are a nice choice to fill that blank space in your house. All you need to do is to pick an image then have them painted by hand by a professional painter or digitally printed to printing shops, depending on what you prefer or what fits your budget. When you physically receive the painting you can have it installed in its designated area. 


There’s a myriad of designs or photos on the Internet that you can select from, but much better if you can come up with a unique design. The image can represent anything ranging from your personality or values as an individual or as a family. On the other hand, you can just select a picture even without attaching an explanation and merely just for the attractive display. Admiring art does not require every artwork to have an interpretation since the definition of art differs for each person. Once you’ve submitted the layout of the canvas print, just wait for it to be created and delivered to you. Learn how to hang the item in the place you want it displayed, so you can estimate the height and width where the item will be placed by outlining markers on the wall as your guides.


Wall letters


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Another option is to attach individual letters on the wall itself. This is advantageous because it’s relatively cheaper and easier to place compared to much heavier canvas prints or picture frames. Simply pick a quote that resonates with you the most or a proverb you want to impart to those who visit your house. You can opt to have them customized as metal letters to a fabrication company or have them printed as decal stickers to a printing shop. Be sure with the size, font style, and the material in which your letters will be formed so that you will not have regrets once it gets produced. Decide whether you want the letters to be attached permanently on the wall or detachable letters so that you could change the statement anytime. What’s beneficial too about the letters is that you won’t have to worry about being extremely careful about maintaining the quality which is quite opposite of large paintings or photos which are high maintenance.


Large metal ornaments


If you’re into wall pieces that are guaranteed to make a statement for your display, then metal ornaments are the ones you are looking for. These are most likely to grab the attention of the visitors and appear to be aesthetically pleasing for a longer period. You have a wide selection of pieces to choose from and depending on the size and complexity of the design you’ve picked, the process of its production may take a long time and may cost a lot. Some designs serve both functional and decorative purposes too such as metal clocks. But remember, large metal ornaments are going to be quite a huge investment to make. However, the satisfaction of having an exquisite piece laid on the wall of your home would be fulfilling. 


Since metal is a durable material, it only needs to be coated with necessary substances to preserve its quality. It should also be cleaned regularly to avoid gathering dust. Likewise, monitor if the metal piece is attached properly to avoid falling.


There are many metal ornament ideas applicable to the home that you can try, you can look for trusted shops or fabrication companies that will create any custom metal designs with exceptional quality and their services are also trusted by many.


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