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Fascist Israeli government bars unjabbed or untested teachers & healthcare workers from workplaces (Israelis – your country is not controlled by Jews but by a Sabbatian cult posing as Jews. Sabbatians hate Jews. Play that across current events and it all makes sense)

With the new school year starting in Israel on Wednesday, the government has ordered that teachers may not go to their workplaces without a vaccination certificate or a fresh Covid-19 test. The same is true for healthcare workers.

The decision to tighten the so-called ‘Green Pass’ restrictions on the education, health and social-welfare sectors was made during a high-level coronavirus cabinet meeting which concluded late on Monday.

It means that teachers, doctors, nurses and caregivers would only be able to do their jobs if they present documents proving that they have been vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid-19. Failing that, a negative PCR test taken within the previous 72 hours would be required.

However, the penalty faced by workers who flout the new rules still remains unclear. The Justice and Education Ministries earlier warned that they could be put on unpaid leave. But the Teachers Association threatened to go to the High Court if its members are left without salaries, adding that they would only cooperate if the same regulations are applied to the country’s entire public sector.

The teachers are also unhappy about the idea of paying out of pocket for their own Covid-19 tests, an idea that is being pushed forward by the Education Ministry.As of last week, there were some 37,000 unvaccinated teachers and school staff in Israel, according to government estimates. Israel has carried out one of the world’s largest inoculation campaigns per capita, fully vaccinating around 63% of its 9.3 million people and already giving a third booster shot to two million.

There was much debate and tension preceding the decision to open schools on September 1 amid a surge in Covid-19 cases caused by the more-contagious Delta variant. On Monday, Israel surpassed 7,000 coronavirus-related deaths, with 6,662 new infections reported and 738 patients remaining in serious condition.

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