Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 30 August 2021

Now Even Rape Victims Are Being Called Bigots

Trans ideology forces even the victims of sexual violence to adhere to its eccentric orthodoxies.

The list of ‘anti-trans bigots’ grows longer by the day. We already know that this McCarthy-like list includes any woman who dares to speak up for women’s sex-based rights and who would prefer not to have blokes in her changing rooms and bathrooms, and any lesbian-rights activists who object to the idea that in order to be a good, woke person she must agree to feel sexually attracted to someone with a penis who fantasises that he is a gay woman. Those, and others, have for a long time been branded thought criminals against transgenderism, deserving of No Platforming and ceaseless harassment online. Now, another group of people has been added to the list: rape victims.

Yes, now even women who have suffered from sexual violence are being looked upon as potential bigots. It is increasingly difficult to feel shocked by the claims of transgender activists. These, after all, are the kind of people who think violent male sexual offenders who identify as women should be housed in women’s prisons, and who responded to the Wi Spa controversy in LA – when a male-bodied person paraded around in the nude in the women and girls’ section – essentially by saying: ‘Well, maybe seven-year-old girls shouldn’t be looking at trans people’s genitals.’ And yet, even for this increasingly eccentric and misogynistic lobby group, this latest development feels especially disturbing.

The attachment of the word ‘bigot’ to some women who have suffered from rape or other forms of sexual violence was made by Mridul Wadhwa, a trans woman who is CEO of Edinburgh Rape Crisis. That a born male is overseeing rape-crisis centres that were traditionally intended to be women-only spaces has already, and understandably, caused controversy. Now Wadhwa has further alarmed women’s rights activists by arguing that some women who get raped are ‘bigoted people’ with problematic views about trans issues.

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