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Is Instagram The Social Media Service For Business in 2021?

Today, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users; hence, only Facebook and YouTube are more popular than this aesthetic social media channel. In the past years, numerous businesses pitched their tents on Instagram as they tried to increase their reach. But is Instagram still the social media service for business in 2021? Can businesses still rely on Instagram to take them to the next level? Let’s answer the questions below.

How Instagram is the social media service for businesses

If you need to showcase your products and services through videos and photos, Instagram is undoubtedly still the best platform for you. This social media platform is all about sharing amazing photos, videos, reels, etc. It doesn’t focus too much on text nor enable you to add live links to your content. However, it can help you build your business by creating visuals that can draw more customers to it.

Here are a few of the ways through this social media service can help businesses in 2021:

  • It helps to build customer trust

Lots of your existing and would-be customers will like to find you on Instagram. So, if you don’t have a page on this social media service, it may make some of these customers lose interest in using your service or product. You might even send some of them to your competitors.

Therefore, if you want your customers to trust you, it is paramount to build great followership on Instagram. Get as many Instagram followers and likes as possible. If possible, push for verification on Instagram to establish yourself as an authority in the field and increase the trust of your customers in your brand.

  • It assists to boost your customer engagement

Would you like to increase your customer engagement? Then, Instagram is the place. Factually, the engagement rate of Instagram is significantly higher and better than Facebook’s. This highlights how massive customer engagement can be on this social media service.

However, you need to master what it takes to keep your customers engaged. You should consider using contests, polls, giveaways, and lots more to draw more people to your posts and also encourage them to engage your business. Also, you need to be consistent if you are really interested in boosting your customer engagement. You should also learn how to improve your reach with hashtags as this can also contribute immensely to your customer engagement.

  • It encourages word-of-mouth advertisements

If you can satisfy a customer with excellent services, such a client may be the one to promote your business on Instagram. We have seen individuals tag photographers, clothing brands, and several other vendors because of impressive products or services. By so doing, these customers don’t only help you to reach more customers, but they are also showing the level of trust they have in your brand. In many cases, this can be more effective than a paid advertisement.

However, if you are not present on Instagram, you are going to miss out on a chance to enjoy such an exceptional word-of-mouth advertisement. So, anyone running a business must consider Instagram as the right service for them in 2021.

  • It attracts more traffic to your website

Although you may not be able to post live links in your Instagram posts, you can add them to your Instagram bio. Fortunately, if you sharing content on your Instagram page, an average Instagram user will first check out your bio before even following you. If they like what they have seen on your Instagram page, you can rest assured that they will click your website link. This means that many of your existing and potential customers will be drawn to your website through Instagram.

Besides, if you get enough followers on this social media platform, you will be allowed to upload your stories with the “swipe up” feature. This sends your customers directly from your Instagram page to your website.

As shown above, Instagram offers numerous benefits to businesses, and these benefits can translate to sales. So, it is still the social media service for business in 2021. Therefore, this is the perfect time to create an astounding Instagram business page to start promoting your business.


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