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5 Tips for Decorating and Renovating your Home

We would all love to enjoy a beautiful, modern and renovated home, without spending a lot of money. That is why we bring you 5 simple and affordable tips that will change the face of your home, giving it a personal and contemporary touch through easy crafts and without making large investments.

Take advantage of the light:

It’s amazing how a few small adjustments to lighting can radically change any space. For this reason, I recommend clearing the windows so that the light enters widely in a natural way. You could, consider changing the curtains for light veils or perhaps, do without them in the living room or dining room. If it is still not enough and the spaces are still dark, check how you can improve the lighting in an artificial way, placing some more powerful lamps or bulbs, which brighten the environments. Check out decorating sites or magazines for ideas for decorating the house.

Have only what you need:

Many times houses lack style, simply because they are crammed with things that we really do not need and that do not contribute in any way to home decoration. Our advice is to review environment by environment, taking into account our needs and the functions of the spaces, and dispense with everything that does not fit aesthetically or is not really useful. If you have ideas to decorate the house, this is the time to apply them. This “general cleaning” will not only clear the space, but will also allow us to discover which is the decorative line that we want to preserve and work with.

Be careful with the color:

Color can be our ally or our main enemy. Therefore, it is essential to handle it with care in the right measure. If you are one of those who cannot imagine your home without some good strokes of color, some good ideas to decorate the house consist of choosing a maximum of two shades that complement or contrast each other, nuanced with softer tones from the same palette. So you can have the color you need in harmonious and dynamic environments, with measure and without exaggeration.

If, on the other hand, you do not feel capable of giving so much prominence to color, it is best to choose neutral colors on walls, and for this you can check these abstract wall arts to decor your home with attractive colors. As well as furniture and curtains, adding touches of color in the cushions and decoration accessories to counteract the boring of light tones. This last option will allow you to change your style, simply by renewing the color of the accessories.

Take advantage of the natural and the old:

Having flowers or some plants strategically in the social area, the bathrooms and the kitchen, will always are a wise decision, which will not only give warmth and freshness to the environments, but will also break with the inertia of the furniture and other decoration home. We recommend dried flowers for the house, which are beautiful and last much longer, and aromatic plants for the kitchen, which in addition to perfuming the environment, will also be used for cooking. Making these types of decorations that are easy crafts will not take much time or money.

On the other hand, it is not a secret that vintage – old – is in fashion. Taking advantage of this trend is an excellent opportunity to give your home a different and interesting touch with a chair, table or sofa bought at any bazaar for a few pesos, which will add an elegant and contemporary touch to your decoration. You can also buy simple objects that you can renew through easy crafts, such as a photo frame, old postcards or even lamps.

Small details that make the difference:

The best way to give a different touch to your home decoration is by thinking about the details. And when we talk about details, we specifically refer to all those little things that complement the environments in a big way: taps, knobs, handles, mirrors, rugs, cushions. Take the time to identify which accessories you would like to step in through easy crafts, and unleash your imagination. The result will be wonderful.


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