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Don’t black lives matter if those “vaccines” take them?

What happens when a propaganda blitz goes wrong, and proves (or seems to prove) the very truth it was devised to blow away? Let’s see.

On Thursday, April 15, Vivek, the beloved Indian actor and comedian, was declared a “health ambassador” by Tamil Nadu’s Health Secretary, J. Radhakrishan, who enlisted Vivek’s “star power” (as The Hindu reported) to encourage “differently abled persons, athletes, shopkeepers and persons who have undergone organ transplantation” to get their COVID-19 “vaccinations.” Vivek dramatized the “safety” of those jabs by getting one himself:

Tragically, that propaganda missile, launched on Thursday, crashed and burned on Friday, when Vivek suffered cardiac arrest, “fell unconscious at his house in Chennai,” and was hospitalized in critical condition. He died, at 59, on Saturday (a passing largely unreported in the Western press).

Vivek’s hospitalization prompted a barrage of articles denying that his COVID jab had anything to do with it. “Actor Vivekh’s heart attack severe, not related to COVID-19 vaccination: Hospital” (New Indian Express). “Actor Vivek’s cardiac arrest not linked with COVID-19 vaccine, says TV Health Sec’y”(News Minute and Yahoo! News).

Saturday’s obituaries kept it up, although more quietly, the exculpation buried in their later paragraphs—as at the end of this report from MSN:

On Thursday, Vivek received his first dose of Covid-19 vaccination at Omandurar government hospital,” reports said.

However, the hospital as well as Tami Nadu’s health secretary J Radhakrishnan told a press conference that the Covid-19 vaccine was unlikely to be the cause of the cardiac arrest.

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