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Unvaccinated people in Wales should not be allowed in pubs or on holiday says idiot doctor

Those in Wales who’ve not been jabbed should face being banned from going abroad or visiting pubs if Covid numbers continue to rise, one GP has recommended.

Speaking as the nation’s infection rates reach their highest levels since January, Dr Mair Williams said rules were needed to encourage people to get a vaccination.

Dr Williams, who works at a practice in Skewen, said people not getting vaccinated were “the biggest problem” and the only way to bring down the figures would be to “restrict” what unvaccinated people are able to do.

“They cannot go to pubs and restaurants with other people,” she told BBC Wales.

“And they cannot go on holiday because of the risk of infection, and also maybe not go into the workplace as well – to work at home. “I think you have to do that to stop this virus spreading any further.”

Neath Port Talbot, where Dr Williams’ practise is located, currently has Wales’ highest case rates – along with neighbouring Swansea – and the local health board there said 80 cases had been tracked to people going out to “pubs, nightclubs and celebration venues.”

Almost all coronavirus rules in Wales were eased from Saturday, August 7 and First Minister Mark Drakeford confirmed last night that no significant changes would be made to that decision, but warned that the “public health position is worse than it was three weeks ago”.

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The same doctor got ‘swine flu’ in 2009

A GP suffering from swine flu in Wales has been named as Dr Eleanor Mair Williams.

The National Public Health Service for Wales (NPHS) took the unusual step of identifying Dr Williams over the weekend amid concerns that patients may not visit their GP if they suffer similar symptoms.

Dr Williams is a partner at Skewen Surgery and became ill while on holiday in the US. She is Wales’ second confirmed case of swine flu.

The surgery, in Tabernacle Street, has been declared safe for patients – 15 visitors and four staff are among the 21 close contacts who have been offered antiviral medicine to stop them becoming ill. Dr Williams, 66, has also been offered antiviral medicines and advised to stay at home until fully recovered.

She said: “I am reassured that public health action has been taken to ensure the safety of my patients. “I am recovering from a mild bout of flu and will only return to work when I am completely well and have completed the five days of treatment.”

Dr Jörg Hoffmann, a consultant in communicable disease control for the NPHS, said, “All necessary action has been taken to make sure it is safe to visit the Skewen Surgery without risk of catching swine flu.

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