Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 27 August 2021

Is this a snowflake which I see before me?

AS IF we haven’t been treated to enough lunacy over the last 19 months, it appears the Woke (tagline: evil never sleeps) have decided that Bill Shakespeare is too traumatising for the new generation of bedwetters.

The Globe Theatre in London have issued trigger warnings for their June-October production of Romeo and Juliet, pointing to ‘suicide, drug use and fake blood’ in the tragedy, with a phone number for the Samaritans offered at the door for traumatised audience members.

Please. You’d like to think that the majority of those going to watch this production will at some point have picked up a book, better yet a Shakespeare play, and read the ruddy thing so they know what to expect. It appears that even in fair Verona, civil blood can’t make civil hands unclean lest their audiences faint with over-excitement. I notice that they’ve gone for a ‘diverse’ cast (and have dispensed with Romeo’s father, Lord Montague – maybe something to do with the patriarchy) so at least The Globe can pat themselves on the back for that. Yes, well done, you prats.

In other news, the one-hit wonder, It’s Raining Men, has been deemed not diverse or inclusive enough for modern audiences and has been partially rewritten for the modern age. The new version, performed by American transgender and gay rights activist, Mila Jam (no, me neither), and given blessing by original writer Paul Schaffer, is merrily entitle, It’s Raining Them, and a few of its ‘problematic’ lyrics have been taken out and replaced by more inclusive words.

Those include replacing ‘men’ to ‘them’, ‘rough and tough and strong and mean’ to ‘proud and loud’ and ‘single woman’ to ‘single person’. You can check out the song here:

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