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Pfizer ‘Covid-19’ Fake Vaccine Destroys T Cells and Weakens the Immune System – Francis Crick Institute

A study conducted by the Francis Crick Institute in the United Kingdom has discovered that the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine destroys T cells and weakens the immune system. Despite this, pharmaceutical companies are seeking to inject the population with a third dose or booster jab to ‘prevent’ this from happening.

T cells are immune cells that are able to target specific foreign particles – they are most commonly studied in relation to their ability to fight cancer and infectious diseases, but they are also essential for other aspects of the body’s immune response.

There are two types of T cells: killer T cells and helper T cells. Killer T cells attack cells that have already been infected by foreign particles, whilst helper T cells assist other cells to develop killer cells and stimulate other cells to create neutralizing antibodies.

The study from the Francis Crick Institute focused on the neutralising antibodies which are created by T cells. It analyzed whether the Pfizer vaccine helps the T cells create enough antibodies to fight off Covid-19 and associated variants of the virus.

The study – conducted by the Francis Crick Institute in collaboration with the British National Institute for Health Research – showed that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine produced fewer neutralising antibodies against Covid-19 and other variants.

Scientists analyzed antibodies in the blood of 250 healthy people who received either a single or both doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine up to three months after their first dose.

The researchers used a test developed by the Francis Crick Institute to figure out the ability of the neutralising antibodies to prevent the entry of the Covid-19 variants.

The study revealed that only 50 percent of the people who received a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine had a quantifiable neutralizing antibody response against the alpha variant of Covid-19. Additionally, this number decreased to just 32 percent and 25 percent for the delta and beta variants, respectively.

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