Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 August 2021

People left severely injured by the ‘Covid-19’ fake vaccines speak out to warn others and express their regret

The experimental Covid-19 injections are causing serious adverse reactions including death. In the UK alone over 1.1 million adverse reactions and over 1.5k deaths have been reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme, a scheme which the MHRA states just 10% of adverse reactions are reported.

However, when the mainstream media covers a story of someone who has suffered a serious adverse reaction to one of the Covid-19 injections they only interview people who still believe in the Covid-19 vaccine religion.

No matter how much these people have suffered, even if they have seen a loved one die after getting one of the shots, they will still claim that they believe in the “vaccines,” and encourage everyone to go out and get one.

If they didn’t say this, the mainstream media would not publish their story, because according to them and the “health authorities,” these reactions are “rare,” and they want you to believe that the “benefits” of the injections “outweigh” the risks.

However, there are untold numbers of people who have received one of the Covid-19 injections and are now disabled or severely injured, and they regret their decision. Not only do they regret their decision, they want you to know what the true risks are, and warn you.

These people are being censored by mainstream social media and the mainstream media because they don’t want you to hear the side of the story that contradicts the official narrative.

There are people who have been left severely injured due to the Covid-19 injections, that used to attack and criticise those who will not get the injections, and would label any information that contradicted what they witnessed on BBC news as a conspiracy theory. But now that their lives have been ruined by the experimental injections they don’t believe that anymore.

These are the voices of those who regret their decisions, and their voices are being heavily censored. The “health authorities” don’t want you to listen to them.

Listen to them for yourselves.

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