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Link Building for SEO: The Beginner’s Guide (2021)

There are good and bad websites on the Internet. Good sites own a lot of backlinks posted on other sources all across the web, while poor-quality web pages have a shaky reputation because of a small number of links. As an SEO specialist, you would want to build a powerful link network to support your website. However, there are many different approaches to gathering backlinks and making them actually efficient. There are also some shortcuts that you can take. Read about it below.

Fast and Easy Link Building

Guest blogging is an irreplaceable tool for every SEO specialist. This technique allows accumulating high-quality links quickly thanks to the services like This method is actually beneficial because you are paying for supreme-quality backlinks. It becomes possible thanks to writing unique articles and other texts from scratch as well as posting them on relevant web pages. You can also customize the process by specifying the theme of your website and finding the necessary niche to invite potential clients.

What Does Link Building Imply?

Building link mass means increasing the number of dofollow links that refer viewers to your site from other web platforms. This is also necessary for increasing your popularity online with the help of search engine optimization. Google and other engines gather data about your links and rate your page based on that information.

Do You Have to Build Link Profile?

While there are many different factors that define the reputation and popularity of your website among Internet users, link building is definitely crucial. One of the most important features is high search engine position. If you have a lot of good-quality links scattered around and posted on reputable sites, high chances are that Google search will display your site in the top searches. This way, a lot more viewers will see your page and click on it to check out. There are numerous researches that show the importance of being on the first search page because viewers rarely even go to the second one.

Methods of Building up Links

There is a selection of common link-building strategies that are often used today. They are all helpful in their own way and can be even combined to achieve the best results. You should choose link-building solutions based on your requirements. Some of the methods are:

  • Adding. A simple solution that implies adding backlinks to your site by hand. This is possible on websites that have comment sections or allow posting blog articles made by viewers. You can also create a social media profile for your business to promote it.
  • Asking. It is a common tactic to contact interesting and popular sites in your niche to ask for posting your links. Of course, you will need to return the favor by displaying their links as well or promoting their goods and services.
  • Earning. This solution is quite unreliable and passive because you cannot control it almost at all. It requires you to create engaging content or great-quality products for other website owners to have the desire to promote you just because you are so good.
  • Buying. This is a quick but ineffective way of accumulating links. If you purchase backlinks from an online exchange, they are usually posted on random poor-quality sites. First of all, this is inefficient as only a small number of viewers might come to your site. Secondly, they would also rarely stay. This option is not good for building your brand reputation.
  • Preserving. This solution is not so much about collecting new links but about recovering the lost ones. The web pages with your dofollow links might get deleted over time, or the whole website might close. If a single page is missing, you can reach out to the site owners and ask to restore the links.

As you can see, there are many peculiar ways of earning backlinks to your platform. Selecting one of the methods or a couple of them should depend purely on your requirements. The speed at which you want to receive new links and their quality has a huge impact on the solution you need to choose. It is recommended to focus on the quality of links instead of their number.


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