Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 August 2021

It’s easy to feel hopeless in these wretched times … BUT. Excellent article by Eve Fisher

By Eve Fisher

It’s easy to feel hopeless in these wretched times.

Sometimes though a beacon of light sends a wee glimmer of sunshine into the darkness.

For me it was my friend’s fury-laced remark on the burgeoning and discriminatory issue of mandatory vaccinations.

“If any restaurants refuse to serve the unvaxxed, then I’m going to start booking huge tables every weekend and never turn up.”

And there you have it.

Someone ready to vote with their feet. Driven to vindictiveness by the writing on the wall.

Someone who can see a two-tiered society forming before their eyes and is ready to take a stand.

Someone who knows all the health advice in the world doesn’t stop a descent into fascism.

You see, my friend is no anti-vaxxer. Wary at the moment, she may in future get the jab (well the first of many obviously – anyone with even an intention of a brain knows there is no such destination as fully vaccinated. You understand at least that much, yeah?)

She’s rightfully cautious of something far more scary.

Segregation. Division. Alienation. Exclusion.

It’s already happening abroad and the “totalitarian tiptoe” is happening here.

In France you can’t go to a supermarket without a vaccine passport.

In Israel students can’t finish high school unless fully jabbed. A moot point if you consider the country, with its 80 per cent vax rate is now having another viral wave and has issued an edict saying the double jab isn’t quite working.

Never fear. Just force more injections on the population.

This is called medical apartheid.

In Australia last week SPC became the first employer to make vaccines mandatory for workers.

A NSW rugby team declared unvaxxed fans should be kept out of stadiums.

Our PM encouraged restaurants and pubs to institute their own bans since the legalities are hamstrung at national policy level.

Those of us who don’t want some experimental vaccine for a virus that has a 99 per cent recovery rate are being told that we can’t work or be social.

We are being ousted.

No more restaurants. Going to gigs. Or travelling

There have even been hints that public health access may become contingent on having the jab.

And those saying no are not just tinfoil-hat wearers. They are doctors. Scientists. Hippies. Tradies. Indigenous people. Students. Old people. Young people. Academics.

Most importantly, the true freedom fighters aren’t outlying crackpots.

They are people like my friend who will boycott businesses that discriminate.

Or worse. They will be disobedient and vindictive.

They will support businesses who respect a person’s right over their body, without being refused goods and services.

These are the yellow stars of our era. Just as the Jews were forced to declare their status, so must we.

As just as many Germans watched the trains roll towards the gas chambers, so will those smug, virtue signalling collectivists, with their “you’re welcome” profile badges and “do the right thing” attitudes.

They bellow their demands to ban all opposing opinions.

Smart people know censorship is only the start of tyranny.

Stupid people don’t know what censorship is.

Or tyranny for that matter.

But it’s a public health issssssssssue they all scream.

It makes no difference.

Once you start removing a person’s autonomy over their body, society as we know it is over.

And if you don’t stand up and fight now, you will always be consigned to the wrong side of history.

In my book, anyone supporting mandating is now a persona non-grata, an “unwelcome person” who is a danger.

Be it friend, colleague or simply stranger in the street, if you accept this apartheid that makes me a second class ctizen, then you truly are nothing more than an organic portal, destined to eat, shit and breed, contributing only your fear and loathing.

Your inability to think for yourself and be anything more than a honking goose in a line makes you the lowest form of life.

Will you bow to the collective, happy to hand over your freedom and your balls?

Your weakness is sickening.

This is not an ‘agree to disagree’ situation.

This is no longer about a virus or lockdowns or restrictions. This is about the right a person has to live as a sovereign being. Without being penalised for it.

Now is the time to choose your future.

It’s mandatory injections at the moment.

What is next? A licence to breed.

Stand up Australia. The world is watching.

There has never been a more important battle.

Us unvaxxed heathens know what we stand to lose. The question is, do the rest of you?

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