Posted by JULIAN ROSE Posted on 24 August 2021

Climate, Covid, Control – and Criminals

Do not underestimate the mind bending power it takes to get ordinary folk to embrace the notion
“You will own nothing and you will be happy”.

If anyone says to you “the weather extremes are a sure sign of global warming”, it’s because
they take this information directly from the media and assume it to be fact.
The media get it from government – or government ‘expert advisors’. The ‘expert advisors’ get it
from a computer modelling exercise (e.g. Imperial College London).
The computer modelling exercise gets it from a large financial incentive offered by the corporate
conglomerate and bought-out government, with the explicit instruction to produce a result which
fills the needs of their combined political goals. In this case, to magic-up ‘scientific proof’ that
global warming is real.
The need to have ‘proof’ that this invention is real is arrived at in spite of the fact that global
warming’s main proponents know that the idea was dreamed-up at the Club of Rome in 1972
under a widely publicised treatise with the catchy title ‘Limits to Growth’. It gained a further boost
from the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, when the infamous Agenda 21 was launched to
impose largely irrational environmental constrictions as a forerunner to the highly discriminating
‘carbon taxes’ in operation today.
Limits to Growth might have appealed to those who oppose neo-liberal capitalist insistence on
the necessity for a ‘permanent growth’ economy; but the real intent behind those words is the
conditioning of the receiver to take a self imposed pseudo-sacrificial attitude about ‘limitation’.
Ergo, limiting one’s self for the sake of a ‘higher cause’ – saving the natural environment from
Global Warming!
This form of ‘austerity-conditioning’ becomes the perfect precept for encouraging naturally
concerned citizens to not just embrace cutting back the typical material excesses of their lives,
but ultimately the pseudo-saintly renunciation of all material interests. The ghoulish plan behind
Klaus Schwab’s quasi religious Sermon from the Mount WEF
“You will own nothing and you will be happy”.
Schwab’s psycho-social engineering ‘deep mind experts’ having planned-out the precise
stepping stones necessary for a ‘check-mate’ seamless handing-over of all private wealth to the
insatiably materialistic elite masters of deception. A thoroughly odious yet quite brilliant sleight
of hand.
The great ‘Global Warming’ alarm was raised as a calculated way for leading industrialists,
bankers and royalty to ensure their future as the premier influencers and controllers of global
Blanket controlled media indoctrination, using rampant fear mongering as its key component, is
designed to convert public sentiment to the cause. The elite industrialist club know full well that
‘fear’ makes desperate people turn to their perceived leaders to protect them – and tell them
what to do. The historial precedent for this is ubiquitous.

The notion that the climate was dangerously warming had no scientific evidence to back it up.
That was cooked-up later under the auspices of the International Panel on Climate Change
It is more than unfortunate that the great majority of green oriented NGO’s also swallowed the
bait and, being by then mostly well funded by corporate backed governments, took the money,
closed their eyes and minds – and jumped on board – thus embracing the deadly distortion of
their original green commitments.
It is now the turn of Klaus Schwab (director of World Economic Forum) to take up the reins
handed down to him by earlier representatives of the small but powerful elite that runs planetary
affairs via such puppet heads of state as Bush, Cheney, Blair – and other aspiring despots of
that time.
Schwab’s job is to ensure that ‘stop global warming’ goals are fully implemented through the
channels of The Green New Deal, Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Zero Carbon
agenda. He must get this fake-green ball firmly rolling down the road especially designed for it
by highly paid technocrats, whose particular bent is to create an ‘inventory of everything’ to
make possible the control of all aspects of life on Earth.
These techno’s view the management of the world as an exercise in accounting. A sterile
reductionist mind-set closely linked to robotics and the notion that advanced mechanisation and
calculation is superior to the creativity of the human mind. Hence the WEF’s announcement of
the forthcoming ‘Internet of Everything’, the 5G powered Smart City surveillance and control grid
which forms the centrepiece of The Great Reset agenda.
An agenda that has been specifically positioned under the title ‘green’- a name stolen from the
original ecology movement of the 1970’s and 80’s, whose ethos was – and remains – the
promotion of a human scale, light footprint ‘people’s ecology’. An authentic vision that bears no
resemblance whatsoever to today’s gigantic corporate led Fourth Industrial Revolution, held up
by the WEF masters of deception to be the only solution for ‘greening the planet’.
What it actually is, of course, is a wholesale corporate/cabal grab for the control of the world’s
primary resources and money supply. The word ‘green’ could hardly have been more
So with this fake green ideology now at the forefront of the central control global planning elite’s
blueprint for a brave new world, the drive is on to utilise every opportunity possible to enforce
conditions that constrict mankind’s behaviour patterns to fit the cunningly concocted demands of
‘preventing global warming’. The great Club of Rome scare story, designed specifically to leave
a frightened and confused public completely dependent upon the technocrat ‘experts’ coming up
with a ‘life saving solution’ to prevent the planet from frying.
Now, ‘the life saving solution’ to the fictional ‘problem’ the technocrats came up with, has to fulfil
the hard-wired goals of this small but very powerful elite that forms the shadow government of
the planet. A despotic cabal whose intention is to master-mind the future according to a darkly
inflated sense of self importance and superiority over the rest of humanity.
The first thing needed to smooth the way for the unfettered display of such rampant
megalomania is to ensure the least possible public resistance. Least resistance to the rolling-out
of ‘the grand plan’, whose implementation requires – to make it credible – a continuous process
of environmental disruption and degradation.
The cause of this disruption can then be pinned on the advance of the ‘catastrophic’ warming’ –
to which all solutions must be ‘technological’. Technological in the sense of high tech, robotic,
digital and electro magnetic.

Killing at least two birds with one stone is a popular concept within the ranks of New World
Order proponents. So it was found that the effects of a general dumbing-down of brain power
could be enhanced when combined with individually targetted mind control, hypnosis and
torture, all of which had already been well tested via the US MK Ultra programme.
In this program human beings were ruthlessly experimented upon to find at what point they
‘cracked’ and became controllable tools for carrying out the secret operations needed to
undermine the orderly functioning of society and to enact psy-ops, false flag events and even –
when deemed necessary, murders.
A variation on these same techniques were used behind closed doors during Covid lockdown,
especially in care homes, where genocide has become thematic and old people are considered
disposable matter in the cause of ‘stopping Covid’.
Mind control is the central weapon of the elite planners. Its presence is ubiquitous in all aspects
of daily life – starting with the TV – a particularly vital component of (State) control of the
masses, and extending into all mainstream media operations, cell phone technologies,
computer programmes, Wi Fi and advanced military ‘silent’ weaponry. There is a wafer thin line
of distinction between the process and function of mind control, propaganda and straight
All the above are now being deployed to get the joys of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, Zero
Carbon, Green Deal and 5G Smart Cities firmly installed in the brain cells of culpable human
beings, who are also to be induced to hand-over all their private assets ‘for the cause’. Do not
underestimate the mind bending power it takes to get ordinary folk to embrace the notion “You
will own nothing and you will be happy”.
Coming-up this November is the COP International Climate Conference in Glasgow, UK. All the
most sophisticated mind controlling wizardry will be employed to make this event appear to be
‘a world saving’ gathering of the good and the great. This is because it is nothing less than ‘fear
of global warming’ that holds the entire Great Reset/Green Deal invention together.
Without this scary message of ‘disaster if we don’t act’ underpinning it, the future of the New
World Order’s master control agenda would fall apart at the seams. Covid was sprung on the
scene to ensure the fear factor would receive a turbo-charged boost, enough to carry it through
to the point where the COP could double-up on it – and thus increase the chance of a witless
public finally throwing up their arms and shouting “Save us at any cost!”
Atmospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (Chemtrails), Covid, 5G, The High Auroral Atmospheric
Research Program (HAARP), WiFi, GMO, the chemical saturation of household products and
especially foods – are all examples of contemporary weapons whose deployment is sold to us
as ‘important progressive science’, but whose true purpose is to suffocate the life force that
drives human and environmental vigour, natural health and spiritual vibrance.
Right down to the manipulation and degradation of human, animal and plant DNA and the
genome of life itself.
At the end of this egregious mono cybernetic intrusion into the divinity of creation is ‘Robotic
Man’. The transhumanist singularity omega point. A soulless cyborg ‘inhuman race’ which gets
all its instructions through having its neocortex permanently wired to a central super computer.
This is actually the vision of the evolution of humanity that Schwab’s dark controllers have
planned-out to be ‘The New Normal’; making the sentient human race largely obsolete by
around 2050 – and almost so by 2030/2040. A human race that will by then have been culled
down to approximately one quarter of its current number, if all goes according to plan for the
psychopathic architects of the Great Reset/New World Order/Green Deal.

It is vital to grasp that the monstrous Covid invention, whose toxic ‘vaccinations’ are a genocide
inducing weapon dressed up as ‘protection’, is just one of the cards in the ‘kill and control’ pack.
A significant one, but one whose manifestation is symptomatic of the demonic bag of tricks
available to the insentient perpetrators of raw evil.
Corona Virus and Global Warming are first cousins. They both owe their creation to exactly the
same ‘rabbit from a hat’ conjuring trick. That of applying the art of deception-hypnosis en
masse, in order to make people believe that what is unreal is real – what is fake is actual. And
they both use the same fascist control mechanisms to achieve their ends.
Now we have put together the disparate parts of this genocide operation called: The Great
Reset (forced totalitarian take-over), Green New Deal (fake green fascism), Zero Carbon (no
carbon=no life), Fourth Industrial Revolution (completely robotic workplace) we can recognise
that each element is actually integral to the overall plan. Strung together in this way we can
finally see the whole diabolical picture.
It is therefore vital to recognise that we can only be effective in our defence of Life on Earth by
seeing and acting on this ‘whole picture’. Not being drawn into treating each symptom as a
separate and unrelated crises in its own right. Which is precisely what the instigators want us to
do, of course.
For a steadily growing number of people, these dark days are actually having the reverse effect
than that intended. They are stimulating the manifestation of great shafts of counteractive light!

Suddenly, tens of thousands are finding a commonality of purpose and joining together to take-
on the masters of deception, through standing strong for truth, justice and freedom.

It portends a remarkable shift of emphasis in all our lives. One of truly dramatic proportions that
heralds the tangible unfolding of a new era for humanity. An era in which a dissolving of old
barriers of race, class, religion and money – ushers in a profound sense of universal brother and
sister hood; a great expansion of the spiritual and a new form of worldwide social and economic
Cooperation in which shared humanitarian goals steadily replace the divisive and destructive
greed of the profit predicated global market place.
This heart-led flowering of humanity is to be the truly defining factor of the great Global
Warming/Covid Scam, as the history books will one day relate. The overwhelming use of fear
and deception has provoked the opposite state to come out of hiding and to manifest as what,
for its detractors, will be an unendurable counter force – emanating from none less than the
energetic source of Creation Itself.
Such an astounding metamorphosis is now underway, and it has taken an extraordinary, blatant
manifestation of darkness to ignite the counteractive fire which is now calling forth a great
renaissance of the true powers of man. This is the age of truth, enlightenment and action..
Take your courage in both hands and step forth! Set your sights on nothing less than disarming
and dismantling the technocratic top-down total-control system that attempts to enslave you, me
and every sentient human being who seeks to remain true to the deepest values of Life.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer, international activist, entrepreneur
and holistic teacher. Julian is co-founder of HARE The Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology see His acclaimed book ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why
Humanity Must Come Through’ is particularly recommended reading for this time: see

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