Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 August 2021

Life in New South Wales for anyone with a mind of their own – what happened to the ‘fuck you’ mentality you are supposed to have Australia? Was it a myth all along? Why do you leave it to your brave, decent, committed, much-abused minority to challenge fascism while you sit on your hands with your mouth zipped shaking like a shitting dog?? At least look in the mirror and acknowledge your gutlessness and then explain it to your kids. Then you might wake up to what you need to do

Hi David,

The situation in NSW gets more and more insane every week. Sydney lockdown has been extended another month. Where I am in the country and across all of NSW masks have to be worn outdoors. My nearest neighbour is 1/2 a kilometre away and I’m supposed to put on a mask when I walk out of the house. All I can say is in their dreams. The outdoor mask wearing starts on Monday. I rang my local supermarket which has been supplying a few grocery lines without my having to go inside because I’m too far away for delivery. This morning they cut me off and said I have to wear a mask or they could be fined. I said mask wearing is from Monday and I should be able to get supplies today. The answer was no. My remark was “I guess I’m going to have to survive some how this coming week”. Their comment was “sorry”. I did not honestly think they would turn away someone needing to buy food.
Another shop sold me some bird seed, no problem. A take away food shop sold me some supplies and again no problem. People up here are lining up for the jab and they think they’ll be protected. Not one person I’ve spoken to knew it’s experimental. More new rules. If you are moving home you must get paperwork and report to the local police. If you can’t wear a mask up until a few days ago all you had to do was say you can’t wear a mask, no proving it. Now, you must have a letter from your doctor and a statutory declaration and have to present both. Huge invasion of privacy. I am finding anger now which means they know at least that something is amiss. Someone told me yesterday that the local police are not happy as they are copping a huge amount of pressure to make sure people obey otherwise fines and no warnings. I feel if the police are unhappy they’ll eventually stand with the people.

Cheers [Name supplied]

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