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You sick liar Whitty: ‘Young unvaccinated adults are ‘very sick’ in hospital with Covid.’ Just as you are targeting youngsters for the deadly fake jab you psychopath

England’s Chief Medical Officer has warned that young unvaccinated adults are “very sick” as he urged people not to delay getting their Covid vaccine.

Professor Chris Whitty branded it “stark” that the majority of Covid patients have not had a jab. He said he had spent four weeks working on a Covid ward and told how many “regret delaying” their vaccination.

“The great majority of adults have been vaccinated,” he tweeted.“Four weeks working on a Covid ward makes stark the reality that the majority of our hospitalised Covid patients are unvaccinated and regret delaying.

“Some are very sick including young adults. Please don’t delay your vaccine”.

It follows the release of the latest data from Public Health England (PHE), which showed that 55 per cent of people in hospitals who had tested positive had not been vaccinated. Meanwhile, 74 per cent of people under 50 in hospital with the variant had not been vaccinated.

Between 9 and 15 August, 5,698 people went into hospital with coronavirus, an increase of 5.6 per cent compared with the previous week.

On Friday, there were 6,441 people in hospital with Covid-19, 858 new admissions and 928 patients in ventilation beds. The UK recorded 114 more Covid-related deaths and 37,314 new cases

The latest official data shows that England’s coronavirus R value – or reproduction number – has risen to between 0.9 and 1.2. Earlier, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated that around one in 80 people in private households in England had Covid in the week to 14 August.

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