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Warrant issued for the arrest of UCD professor Dolores Cahill

A bench warrant has been issued in London for the arrest of UCD professor Dolores Cahill, who has failed to turn up to a number of hearings.

The prominent Covid sceptic and anti-vaccination campaigner is facing charges arising out of an allegedly illegal rally in Trafalgar Square in September last year.

She is charged with others of holding a gathering on September 19th of more than 30 people in an outdoor public place during the pandemic. The other charge relates to holding a gathering of more than six people in any place.

The initial hearing was on June 16th, at Westminster Magistrates Court in what is known as a “single justice procedure”. She was not required to attend that in person, but she was invited to submit a plea, which she did not do.

The court adjourned the matter to allow for a case management hearing on July 3rd. She did not attend that hearing. The case was adjourned again to give her an opportunity to be notified to July 20th, which she also did not attend.

Another attempt was made to contact her and she did not appear at the latest hearing on August 10th, at which stage a warrant was issued for her arrest. The case has been adjourned again until September 10th.

She gave her address as care of the Irish Freedom Party, Kandoy House, Fairview Strand, Dublin 3.

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