Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 20 August 2021

Instagram Famous Stooge Doctors are Promoting the COVID Vaccine

Medical social media influencers are misleading the masses into believing the fake COVID hybrid gene therapy is safe and effective, and criticize others without open scientific discussion. It is clear that these bought and paid for physicians are nothing but mouthpieces for the mainstream narrative. They sold their souls to the establishment, and are using their position to sway the masses with content geared to make vaccines seem much less dangerous than they really are.

We are living under medical tyranny with authority ordering mask wearing and coercing businesses to require proof of vaccination from employees and customers. Some countries already have police demanding citizens to present vaccine passports on the spot, so people need to ask themselves why everyone is encouraging the public to get jabbed. It is also more troubling when you have physicians telling everyone that the COVID vaccine is safe without acknowledging the serious side effects. The public needs to understand that this is an untested, unproven, experimental hybrid gene therapy (allegedly). There’s no proof of short or long term safety.

Zubin Damania


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A post shared by ZDoggMD (@zdoggmd)

ZDoggMD, as he’s called, is a rapper and podcast host who discusses medical topics. He uses a softer approach to sound like a voice of reason, however he stated that the COVID vaccine is effective and gives people a “cheaters” immunity. ZDogg is slick with his tongue, but he’s misleading people into thinking that getting the vaccine isn’t so bad, and fails to present the evidence detailing the dangers.

“These vaccines actually work for what they’re designed to do. So if you’re worried, stop worrying, just stop overthinking it, go get the vaccination. If you don’t want to, hey that’s cool too, you’re just going to take a different kind of risk.” – ZDoggMD

Mike Varshavski

This squeaky voiced metro-sexual is more interested in his appearance than presenting accurate science. His interview with Fauci was nothing but propaganda. At the end of the video, Mike tells the audience to get vaccinated so they no longer need to play the game of finding out who’s vaccinated and who isn’t. Medical doctors are not supposed to tell the public whether to get vaccinated, very unprofessional. Yet, Mike acts as if he is there to stop misinformation, inserting hashtags like #knowthefacts to mask the agenda.

Alok GET UR VAX Patel

His twitter handle says it all. In addition to being a pediatrician in New York, he is also a producer for CNN. Scrolling through his posts reveals he’s another paid pro-vaccine medical jester.

Rich Gesser

The CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, recommends parents to get their children jabbed –

Austin Chiang

Retweets pro-vaccine posts like the CDC who stated that the non-vaccinated should mask up until they get their shots. However, those who were vaccinated should still wear a mask.

This is the gentler tactic, but it’s message is still the same – get vaccinated.

Danielle Jones

Mama Doctor Jones as she’s called on twitter, does the same thing.

Medical Entertainers

These people are needle pushers who are sitting on their high horse as a medical doctor, and use that to be a voice of authority. Rather than uphold professionalism, they use social media as an easy profitable route while misleading a lot of innocent people. Some of these physicians communicate like teenagers on the internet which shows where the medical profession is heading.

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