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10 simple ways to make money as a student while studying

A popular question that arises among students after the first session: how can a full-time student earn money while studying? It worries both those who study on a contract and do not have any additional income, and those who are not satisfied with the size of the scholarship. In this case, some students begin to look for additional work that will not interfere with their studies and will earn money, such as paper writer. But this is not the only kind of work and we’ve compiled the top jobs for students that will help improve the financial situation and at the same time not to abandon your studies.

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Waiting jobs

Most often, students get part-time jobs as waiters, baristas, unskilled workers (preparing food for cooking – cleaning, cutting), dishwashers in all kinds of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, etc.

On job search sites they are offered flexible working hours. The main requirements for applicants – secondary education, activity, decency, non-conflict.

During the summer vacations, students can sign contracts and work as waiters abroad in Greece, Australia, Germany, Canada, UAE, etc., where the pay is several times higher. For example, a summer job as a waiter in a coffee shop or candy store in Dubai will allow the student to rent an apartment and live comfortably all year long, devoting time only to their studies. Of course, without knowing English at a conversational level to get the job will not work.

By the way, some employers prefer to hire students and place job ads on the bulletin boards near the dean’s offices.

Why can’t most students earn more than $500 a month?

Busy studies and lack of the necessary experience greatly limits young people in the choice of ways to earn money. Most students are known to work as waiters, longshoremen, couriers, or car washers.

Some also work as part-time cab drivers or choose night jobs.

But neither of these offers the financial return they were hoping for. So what do you need to do, you may ask, to start earning decent money instead of living on a stipend?

Let’s take a look at what prevents you from earning a decent living while you study. I myself faced each of these obstacles while studying in college.


The reasons for the low earnings of most students:

Busy studying and social activities. There is simply no time to work, it is spent on the basic classes, additional elective courses, and in amateur activities and self-government want to participate, because an ambitious person wants to succeed as much as possible.

Lack of professional knowledge and skills to get a job. A vicious circle: in order to get a job, you need to be able to do something, and for this you need to learn.

Fear of starting my own business while studying. I’m still too young, what kind of business… That’s what most students think, and you can understand them.

Excessive craving for entertainment. Parties, discos, girls, boys, in a word: student life!

The wrong environment. While you’re young, you need to go out and devote time to yourself, after the institute you still have time to work hard, friends say.

If even you are under the influence of one of the above obstacles at the moment, do not despair. Below you will find effective ways to make money as a student and you will be able to choose the right one for you in your specific situation.

Communicative students are willingly hired as promoters and consultants.

The essence of their work is to advertise goods, helping to promote goods or services in the market. This includes the distribution of samples and promotional leaflets, participation in promotions and exhibitions, the organization of surveys, participation in the tasting of products, etc.

The main requirements to the applicant are communication skills, good disposition, good memory that allows to remember a lot of new information, literacy, ability to find a way out of conflict situations, and of course, an attractive appearance. Working time is usually 3-4 hours a day.

The amount of money earned depends on several factors: the type of work performed, the number of customers involved. The work in the evening or at night is paid higher. More earn young men and girls with presentable appearance as the “face” of the firm.

As long as you are a student – take the opportunity

For today’s students, the development of the Internet has given a lot more job opportunities than their parents had. On the Internet you can work in your free time, without sacrificing your morning sleep, studies, without wasting time on transportation and, in the end, even without a direct employer.

That’s exactly the kind of work we’re going to talk about today – work for students that provides a free schedule, freedom of decision-making and independence (or a little dependence) on the boss.

First of all, I would personally recommend students to earn money online. There are so many different jobs out there that allow you to work with a free schedule. Below we will take a little look at the jobs for students.

Merchandiser jobs.

Many students have part-time jobs as merchandisers, who are in charge of shelving products in stores and supermarkets, controlling price tags, and supervisors – intermediaries between workers and management. A supervisor usually supervises a team of promoters. The work of a supervisor requires certain professional skills, so the requirements for applicants are more stringent, and it is more suitable for students – future managers and economists.

The main requirements are communication skills and stress resistance. Some students prefer to manage their own free time and depend only on themselves, so they are looking for other options to earn money. For example:

The joy of being a student

According to expert estimates, more than 60% of Russians work outside of their specialty, finding their vocation in other industries.

It is impossible to explain this trend unequivocally, because of different circumstances, but these are the realities of our time. To have a “safety cushion” many students think about their own business long before they get the coveted diploma.

On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting projects that do not require significant cost and enterprising students can make money out of thin air.

After all, even a red diploma does not guarantee that the student will be employed by specialty, and his work will be demanded and highly paid.

The 21st century can rightfully be called a time of endless possibilities, when yesterday’s student-triplets, who barely had enough money for lunches, today can wake up a successful millionaire. The main thing is not to stray from the path and maximize your own skills in the struggle for a better life. Do not believe that such a scenario is possible? Then let’s look at some illustrative examples.

The legendary Bill Gates did not excel at university. He often skipped classes, got “C “s, and after his sophomore year he was expelled from the university altogether! Gates’ main passion was programming, which he had been doing since his youth. Already at 21, he founded Microsoft, becoming one of the richest people in the world.

Of course, we encourage readers not only to do what they love, but also to successfully master the basics of the university program. Probably only a lazy person hasn’t heard of Mark Zuckerberg’s story. While still a student, he managed to create the world’s most popular social network, Facebook.

There are a lot of similar examples in history, biographies of rich and successful people of the world can inspire and motivate us for development and personal growth. Today a student can forget about humble existence, fulfill all his dreams, find time to travel, learn languages and self-development. Student years are the best time in a person’s life, when ambition moves us, the body wants to get a portion of adrenaline and it seems that the whole life is ahead.


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