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Topmost Sizzling Characteristics of Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is the utmost successful cryptocurrency as per the market cap and trading volume. The estimated market cap of bitcoin is nearly 800 billion USD; all the more trading volume of bitcoin is almost 100 billion. 

Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptographic cash having such strong technologies in it; all the more, there are several other cryptocurrencies in the industry that acquired an exceeding extent of popularity just because they were a clone of bitcoin. The cryptocurrency, bitcoin, is not just popular because of its store value but also due to the sizzling features rendered by the infrastructure of bitcoin. 

Every characteristic of bitcoin is powered by explicit technical aspects such as decentralization is powered by the peer-to-peer network. There are few authentic websites like Bitcoin Secret which can assist you in availing a gigantic buck in your bitcoin expedition. Here are some of the most sizzling features of the bitcoin complex, so what are you waiting for? Let’s have a glance.  


Anonymity is the most popular character of bitcoin, and almost everyone is familiar with the fact that bitcoin is pseudonymous. The anonymity of bitcoin transactions demonstrates the fact that you can process transactions in the bitcoin complex without even revealing your actual identity; you might be wondering how. Bitcoin is an utterly virtualized system, and there is no involvement of third parties and centric entities in the complex. 

Unlike the traditional banking system, bitcoin does compromise your actual identity at all. The mere public identity rendered by the complex of bitcoin is wallet address, wallet address is correspondingly considered as the public identity of bitcoin network whereas private key of the bitcoin wallet application. 

A bitcoin wallet address is the sequence of numbers, basically starting with an explicit sequence; if you want to transfer funds into the bitcoin wallet of a recipient, you are just necessitated a bitcoin wallet address of the receiver and nothing else. However, you should elude a similar bitcoin wallet address for every transaction if you are exceedingly active in the bitcoin network. 


Decentralization is the prominent reason why bitcoin is considered more robust than explicit fiat currencies. Fiat currencies are centralized, which demonstrates the fact that these land-based currencies are regulated and authorized by the government authorities. However, bitcoin, on the other hand, is subjected to a full flash peer-to-peer network that assists bitcoin to operate even without the support of these government authorities. 

Since there are no mediation parties involved in the network of bitcoin, the potential of transactions in the network is exceedingly enhanced. All the more decentralization aspects of the bitcoin network correspondingly evolved the decentralized finance systems to an exceeding extent, and there are several models inspired by bitcoin in the industry. The total value of the decentralized finance industry at the instance is $40 billion. 

Security and Transactions 

Since bitcoin is devoid of the involvement of higher authorities, the security of the bitcoin network is autonomously enhanced, this might sound criticism to the conventional banking systems, but there are mostly humanized entities in these banking systems, and probability of errors in the scenario of humanized entities are huge. 

Bitcoin is composed of merely computing entities, and there are nominal probabilities of errors in the bitcoin complex. In a nutshell, bitcoin’s security is much more in contrast to these conventional banking systems.

As established, bitcoin is decentralized, and the rules proposed by the government authorities of any region cannot affect bitcoin at all. There are no mediation parties involved in the network of bitcoin, which declines the transaction fees and incline potential of transaction in the network.

Fiat currencies and traditional banking systems are embedded with several mediation parties, which correspondingly increase the transaction fees. The fact that might amaze you is that the transaction fee levied by bitcoin trustable exchange is even less than 1% of the entire transaction amount.

No Charge Back and Fraud!

The decentralization factors of bitcoin correspondingly demonstrate the fact that bitcoin offers irreversible transactions. Yes, you read it right. The traditional banking systems and complexes offer reversible transactions, and buyers can reverse any possible transaction using buyer’s protection if they are not satisfied with the services of the merchant. However, few fraudulent buyers utilize the scheme to chargeback small scale businesses even if they have offered the best-in-class services. 

These are some of the sizzling features of bitcoin.  


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