Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 19 August 2021

The BBC’s vaccine cheerleader Jeremy Vine gets his comeuppance

THE entitlement and arrogance of the BBC’s top-paid presenters is no secret. To that we must now add sheer ignorance, studied denial and cruelty.

Hundreds of thousands of listeners on Friday heard a courageous caller, ‘John in Manchester’ who ‘blagged’ his way on to Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 show to counter the BBC’s Covid vaccine propaganda, lay it all bare. It was riveting – ‘John’ put it to Vine straight up why was there no BBC reporting of the 1,500 deaths in Britain due to the vaccine.

To every attempt by Vine to intimidate him and denigrate his stance John came back with the perfect riposte. It was a masterclass in staying on the front foot, what I call ‘walking towards the fire’ with an even stronger reply. John performed a public service.

You can listen to the exchange here

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