Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 17 August 2021

One family – SIX adverse reactions to the fake jabs and NONE reported – showing that the ‘vaccine’ reporting systems register a tiny fraction of the deaths and injuries happening worldwide

Hi Gareth, wasn’t sure if you would find this unusual or if you get emails and stories like mine often. 6 members of my immediate family have had the jab, despite my warnings and the sharing of info.

I’m not sure this would be the case had my sister not married a paramedic who of course knows more then the rest of the world! Anyway, my sister got her double dose, now has irreversible and extensive liver damage, she is so poorly some says she can’t leave the house and has to work from home. She has been convinced its long Covid!

She had it approx 6 months ago. Her husband, the one driving this frenzy throughout my family to have it, turns out suffers with terrible night terrors since his, again, long Covid! My younger brother, the next day after his, lost his hearing completely in one ear, the other ear sounds like he is under water. Again, put down to some other infection.

My mum, who I thought I had convinced and kept safe by sharing all my info, had a terrible moment of weakness and was coerced by my nagging sister and all the staff at her dr surgery. She has huge regrets, this breaks my heart, the others, I’m past caring! Anyway my mum has gone bald one side of her head, her hairline now starts behind her ear! But of course, older people’s hair does thin over time! Hmmmm! She doesn’t buy that of course.

My mum’s sister, my Aunt, the same bald! She now looks like a monk! Strange how the both got the same reaction. Again, straight after their jabs.

And the last, my nephew, my sister’s son, 22 years old, now suffering chest pain, who has been told to go and have an x-ray, maybe a bit of myocarditis to add to the mix! None have been reported to the yellow card scheme so it shows from one family alone the underreporting.

Thankfully my Dad isn’t having none of this BS although my brother in law spent an hour trying to convince him to have it, offering to give it to him there and then! My dad got up and walked away after he wouldn’t shut up about it.

I have been researching the dangers of vaccines for 13 years, since my daughter was vaccine injured as a baby, she is now a 16 yr old non-verbal severely autistic young adult who needs the supervision of a toddler and still needs her backside wiped! Now there is no bigger incentive then your injured child to investigate what could have caused it so I have been on this awakening many years.

Calling this entire BS since the beginning. I tried to warn everyone about this at the beginning, I gave up doing that when their entire attitude is that I’m a science denying, tree hugger who believes fairy dust and organic lemons are the cure for everything, which of course I’m not, but bugger them, they will and have found out the hard way, despite not admitting it.

I can only keep my own house safe and that’s all I can do, luckily my husband and I are on the same page and we will keep our daughter safe. Although just to finish off, my daughter who had had a period like clockwork since she was 9, has had a cycle for the past 6 months which has been all over the place, going from 28 days, to 49 days, 40 days 39 days etc and missed one completely!

Coinciding with her one to one teaching assistant at school having her jab at the exact same time this started happening so actually, how safe can I really keep her!

Anyway, keep up the great work, I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts and your dad is amazing!

Much love


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