Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 17 August 2021

GSK hails trial of a ‘second generation’ fake ‘Covid vaccine’ to inoculate against fake variants of the fake virus. And each one will be required to keep your ‘vaccine passport’. It only ends when WE end it

Glaxosmithkline has hailed promising early trials of a ‘second generation’ Covid vaccine that could be used to inoculate patients against variants of the virus.

The pharmaceutical company has been jointly developing the shots – which use cutting-edge messenger RNA (mRNA) technology – with German rival Curevac.  And yesterday GSK said the vaccine had produced a ‘strongly improved’ immune system response in animal trials, when compared with an earlier jab made by Curevac.

GSK said human trials have not taken place yet, though they are scheduled to begin in the final quarter of this year, and the data is not yet peer-reviewed.

Despite being the world’s biggest vaccine maker before the pandemic, GSK has raised eyebrows by failing to develop its own jab successfully while rivals such as Pfizer and Astrazeneca have done so.

The firm has partnered with France’s Sanofi on one potential vaccine, while it hopes the Curevac collaboration could lead to its jabs being used in a fresh round of booster vaccinations.

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