Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 16 August 2021

“Smart Farms” Cyberattackers Able to Impact Harvests, Damage Crops, Property, People and “destroy farmland for years”

Cybersecurity experts continue to warn about significant risks and vulnerabilities associated with “Smart Farms” and Internet of Things (IoT) connected agriculture.  Some in agriculture industry continue to invest in this technology anyway including John Deere.

More terrifying warnings courtesy of Threat Post:

Connected Farms Easy Pickings for Global Food Supply-Chain Hack

John Deere security bugs could allow cyberattackers to damage crops, surrounding property or even people; impact harvests; or destroy farmland for years.
A group of hackers made an unnerving DEF CON 29 presentation showing how the sprawling growth of digital and automated farming has left the world’s food supply chain vulnerable to cyberattack.

A video for DEF CON 29 hacker conference this week put out by the group Sick Codes explained that modern farming is a high-tech, data-driven business like any other, trying to innovate its way to wider margins.

Farms are connected by Wi-Fi, 5G, radio sensors and more, and increasingly, every operation on the farm is being monitored and its data collected for analysis. Sick Code’s narrator, who goes by the handle Good Hackerman, used the John Deere 7450 Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters as a prime example.

The monster tractor is fully automated, has GPS, has autonomous capabilities, and can even be controlled remotely by a John Deere customer service rep to help customers through issues.

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