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How to track photos on the internet?

If you are posting or publishing content on the internet regularly, then there is always a possibility that your content is being stolen from time to time. This is very common, and you shouldn’t get stressed about it, it is an unfortunate reality of the modern era and digital technology that we have to love with. Now if your photos or pictures are being copied or duplicated, then it can seriously affect your credibility plus your search engine optimization. On that note, we would like you guys to know that in this three-minute article we are going to tell you about the three different ways using which you can track your images and find image plagiarism. 

There are many ways and various modern tools and technology that can help you with picture tracking, but you must know that this is not an easy process and if you are not familiar with these techniques or methods then it can be difficult for you. A person should always have the basic concept of reverse image search but for some reason, if you are unfamiliar with it, then don’t worry just keep yourself hooked with the content so that you can learn all about this important problem and basic solutions!

Google and Google Alerts

Now let us start with the basic and accepted mode of tracking. Using Google and google alerts is known as the simplest and probably the most underused method of finding your photos on the web. You can easily google your images or your website on your device and can set up alerts with google so that if something is wrong and is out of regularity, then you can get a simple email from google. Every time you would be mentioned by someone in their content, you will be notified by Google, and this is a good way of tracking the use of your content.

This is also considered an important way of keeping track of the mentions and the links attached to your website and content. You can easily find out whether people are borrowing your images with credit and citing or are using it without your authorization and permission. Experts recommend this method only if you are ready to get your inbox flooded with irrelevant alerts as well. You should try this method if you are starting a new website, if you are not a fan of notifications and alerts, then focus on the next basic method of tracking!

Reverse image search

What is a reverse image search? Well for those of you who don’t exercise search by image you must know that this is a search method or technique which involves images as input. This basic method is also known as a simple, free and one of the most used search methods for finding images on the web. You must know that many image search engines provide the reverse photos finding service, but you must not use them; instead, you must focus on the third-party website tools providing reverse image search services. 

The search engine reports are a reputed platform that can help you in image tracking and other SEO aspects as well. You should know that the reverse image search tool by is known to be the simplest and most user-friendly tool on the web. one can use it without any experience or skills in this regard. You just have to open up the website, find the reverse image search tool and enter your image, text or URL input in the tool on the basis of which you are looking forward to finding results. This link can be used to get to the main interface of the tool

In the program, you have to enter your image that you feel has fallen prey to plagiarism. When you do a search by that image the reverse tool will find similar results to your input and you can track the illegal use of your content in this way!

Invisible watermarks

Now the final method that we are going to discuss today with you guys is more advanced than the above-mentioned ones. Watermarks is a very modern way of marking your content, but you should know that it can cost you money. Visible watermarks can be added to your content for free using third-party apps and tools, but you should know that invisible watermarks is a unique technique and you have to pay for the app or the relative website if you want to add it. These watermarks can be detected by modern technological tools, but they are not at all visible to the human eye. One of the best services that can help you add invisible watermarks is Digimarc!

You can use all of these mentioned methods and can stick to the most suitable one for you!


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