Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 12 August 2021

The Social Media Idiot: a Common Pest that Continues to be a Growing Problem

Anyone who is on social media, aside for business purposes, is a loser, and I’m not the only one who thinks that. Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, said that social networks are ‘amplifiers for idiots’. Going to public events has become less attractive as it’s almost impossible to enjoy it without encountering some moron taking selfies or recording. They are more interested in updating their Instagram than actually appreciating the experience. The ‘likes’ they get only further perpetuates their online narcissism. Not everyone wants to be in a stranger’s Instagram video which will be shared online for anyone to see. But alas, brain dead people have already become conditioned to accept it as the new normal. Some social media influencers, and even people in general to a great extent, are so entitled that they believe they have the right to record others without their consent.

Being friends with a celebrity or even semi-famous is a stress because they tend to have overinflated egos and demanding personalities. Social media messes up people’s minds by turning them into toxic selfish narcissists, but if you tell them that they lose it. ‘Narcissist’ seems to be their trigger word, it’s as if they’re living in denial. They’re also the most miserable people on earth and that’s why they compensate by posting all the crap you see on social media.

Back in the day, movie directors had to get permission from the city to film at a particular location within a scheduled time frame so the area would be cleared. Police provided security to prevent bystanders from inadvertently entering on set, and also to stop disruptive crazies who purposely wanted to be on film. Fences were there for a reason. Actors would play the part of being bystanders doing casual activity in the background for films. Sometimes people who happened to be there when filming was taking place were offered to opportunity to act as an extra. The point is everything was done professionally, no one was filmed without their written consent and people would sign release forms on the spot. Directors were careful to avoid recording anyone who was not supposed to be on camera. All persons were consciously willing to be on film. So why isn’t that done today? Now days, you have people running around and whipping out their phones thinking their the next undiscovered blockbuster indie movie director. Everybody is trying to become online famous, and it’s disgusting.

Taking pics, videos, and alike with friends is fine, but the thing is, your friends are likely to post it on social media so you end up being there even though you may not want to be. In that regard, I kind of gave up at one point because I know friends like to take pics together. It seems like if you have friends, particularly young friends, it’s inevitable for you to unintentionally end up on a social media post, at least in my case, despite me making it clear that I despise Instagram and do not wish to have my likeness on it. I’m not anti-taking pictures, recording videos, or even selfies. What I am against is doing so of people you don’t know without their knowledge or consent, and the constant seeking of validation.

I find myself not even wanting to socialize with people much, or at least I have become more picky than I already am with whom I spend my time with. It seems the goons of social media have succeeded, because the damage has been done, and I expect people to become more irresponsible with their social media, posting whatever they want how ever they want.

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