Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 12 August 2021

Robots and AI are Likely to Replace Human Contact

Shopping, dining, and even going for walks has become more of a pain than pleasure due to the new “normal”. Sheep people fear those who don’t wear masks or who didn’t get vaccinated, and this has created a cesspit of idiocy that does not qualify of being deemed a civilization. The mentality that the asleep have adopted thanks to media brainwashing is utter stupidity, it even can be classified as insanity since there is rational behind it. I remember reading online that in the future robots will do the shopping for consumers. I believe that and will admit that I’ll probably be among the first ones to take advantage of it when available, because I’ve already been spoiled by the convenience of online grocery delivery where a driver shops for you and brings the goods right to your door. Why on earth would I want to subjugate myself to the headache of going out to the store and dealing with the herd when someone else can do it for me? Why should I be in the same vicinity of sheep who gasp at those who don’t wear masks or are unvaccinated? Let a robot deal with it, let the walking hunk of wires be exposed to the mRNA shedding while I stay nestled safely in my castle.

Time is money and I don’t mind paying a small fee to save such a precious commodity.

Going Out is Becoming Less Attractive

Socializing in society has become cumbersome with all the regulations, not to mention the social media idiots desperately looking for content to upload on the internet to give the illusion of happiness. When I went with friends to the first food truck event of the 2021 summer in Toronto, I was eager to eat 3000 calories as the advertised food looked mouth watering. Upon arriving, security asked us to mask up even though we could take it off anyway to eat. The event and food was a disappointment to say the least, they were nothing as advertised. The tandoori paneer I got was a lump of fries squirted with junk sauce with a few bits and pieces of what appeared to be paneer here and there. The other annoyance was seeing someone do the infamous 360 with his phone while recording. I thought about saying something, but in the quick moment and due to the distance between us, I turned around to avoid my face being recorded.

Walking up to him and creating a scene crossed my mind but my friends were with me, and being surrounded by a crowd with security at every corner wasn’t worth it to me. Still, acknowledging these facts just makes me feel like I’m making excuses. We need more confrontational people do put the inconsiderate dopes in line. I guess that wasn’t me on that particular day. There was a group of young Indian guys who were recording themselves which was fine, but I assume that there were many doing something similar with their phone that I wasn’t aware. So it’s possible that you can be in someone’s video without realizing it since you can’t monitor everyone at public events. Perhaps I need to lighten up and accept that this is the new culture, but I won’t.

Common courtesy is being vigilant in avoiding capturing anyone on camera who did not give consent or are unaware of being recorded. In old times, some people didn’t like having their picture taken because they felt they were being robbed of their essence. Their belief was having their picture taken or being filmed captured their energy and so they did not want it. On the bright side, I met two guys who were conspiracy nuts like me and were against the vaccine, but one got the first dose due to his profession (teaching) and needed to travel without being forced to isolate in an overpriced hotel. He also said around 85% of his students who were in the 12–14 years old range, got the jab.

Socializing will Become More Restrictive

With the push of vaccine passports to travel, attend shows, eat and restaurants, and other common pleasures, the robot and virtual alternative becomes that much more attractive. It’s already has happened in many ways but the virus situation has accelerated it and people are likely to choose to sit home and have robots do everything. I knew this was coming, I knew that my personality demands it, and so at this point I’ve embraced the digital hermit-like lifestyle where I focus on my work and sparingly allow others to have my time. Some see me as a monk, others a champ, while some view me as antisocial and insane. It doesn’t matter, and that’s the most important thing to realize. You can live whatever lifestyle you want, because nobody gives a dame. We’re living in the “I” culture, so you might as well do whatever you want because when it’s all said and done, nobody cares. I won’t, your friends won’t, and neither will society.


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