Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 12 August 2021

Modern Civilization has Stripped Man of his Independence

Mental illness is increasing at a rate that therapists cannot keep up with and it’s only going to get worse, because society has failed to address the human condition. Men in the past have been warned about the consequences of civilization and most of their predictions have come true. The mixing of various cultures without common ground, ethnic backgrounds, and races has created a swamp of diversity that has forced people to tolerate those whom they would be happier without. This has created a false sense of identity for the individual, and has negatively affected them in various ways because civilization has brought the following –

Digital Revolution

Everybody’s faces are glued to screens. This constant need to be plugged into the cyber world has done more social damage than one wants to acknowledge. Even the creators of social media knew the hazards beforehand, yet did it anyway for monetary gain. The common excuse promoters use is digital technology connects the world, but who said that’s a good thing? If you’re living in North America, do you really need to be connected to The Middle East or Haiti? Or how about Belarus? Why do you need to be connected 24/7? It some ways it’s entertaining and interesting for learning purposes, but this constant exposure of diverse cultures has created a one unified world culture — degeneration.

Social media has also turned normal everyday ordinary people into narcissists who live for validation. People also go crazy when their fragile egos are hurt, and have become phone addicted zombies.

Industrialization Separates Families

It forces loved ones away from each other and causes them to pay less attention to their needs because their focus is on their career or school. Whenever my father came over to tell me anything while I was working on the computer, I didn’t pay as much attention as I normally would, and it pained me making me wonder if I’m a good son. I did my best, but many times while being focused on work, I felt like I was missing out spending time with family.

Mother worked 5 days a week and I hated seeing her go. This is what the modern world has done, it’s destroyed the family.

The Domestication of Man

Man’s spirit has been imprisoned much like a caged lion where he must keep his ambitions and urges at bay for fear of condemnation or arrest from police. This has silenced them to avoid being charged for being a racist or some other politically correct violation. In that sense, men are like caged animals locked up in a zoo.

Robbed People of their Wealth

Money is a fictitious faith-based currency that has no real practical value other than what you give it. The government designed it to steal the real wealth from people — land, houses, cattle, agriculture, farms, raw materials, and other resources. And yes, their wives too in the sense that nearly all women have become slaves to the consumer culture addiction which has led them astray from man. They no longer want to become subservient supportive housewives and good mothers, but rather “strong independent women”. In other words, a prostitute, the feminists’ dream. One who caters to the demands of corporate America all in the name of imitating men. The so called alphas you see on TV are nothing more than jacked up useful idiots, nothing to be admired nor emulated.

A show called Homestead Rescue was eye opening. Hunting one seven hundred pound elk provides enough food to last an entire Winter. The costs are modest — a hunting gun, some gear, and time to track and kill the animal. However, going to the grocery every week is much more costly. With organic quality meat costing over ten dollars per pound, a man quickly goes bankrupt. Man has lost the ability to provide for himself with poor survival skills, and this is how he has become screwed by civilization. He is powerless and forced to deal with people whom he’d rather not on a regular basis.

When you add up the numbers, it’s costs more to live in society with modern conveniences when a family would be much happier living off the grid and providing for themselves. But this lifestyle is not supported by civilization, in fact, they make it harder. The technology does exist to free people with independent energy generators, advanced regenerative agriculture, and modern methods to create sustainable homes for people so they don’t have to be dependent on government. Instead however, you have electricity companies, maintenance contractors, and WIFI cartels all having monopolies in their respective area where people have no alternative. It’s no longer just Big Pharma, it’s Big WIFI, Big Electric, Big Property Mgmt., Big Real Estate, and Big Everything, to the point where people are dangerously close to becoming 100% dependent on government. Some would argue, that we already have, and that is true in certain areas. This is the literal domestication of human beings.

Unnecessary Pains

Traffic lights, transportation services and their stupid laws, police, taxes, regulations, annoyances such as ID cards, licenses, and more, are all unnecessary. What is not taught are skills for surviving and thriving. Civilization has turned mankind into ants whose sole purpose is to fatten up the queen aka the government. Solider ants (police/military) take care of anyone who defects. We’re living in the bee hive, where people are ranked based on their job just like bees, worker bees, and so on.

The Corrupt Civilization is the Problem

Why are we paying baseball players twenty million per year to stand and whack a ball? Why pay basketball players ridiculous sums who can’t add two and two? Our structure is to blame. It promotes stupidity, it encourages degeneracy, and this perpetuates lunacy. Bigger money incentives should be offered in fields where we really need it. For example, we should make medical, innovation, and robotic automation the highest paid professions to create eternal youth, cures for diseases, and elimination of homelessness. If money were rewarded, the solutions will come at a snap of the finger, but instead we have this system that breeds greed, corruption, cheating, an swindling by keeping people dazed. Whether it’s porn, prostitution, drugs, corporate monopolies, anything for the almighty dollar. If millions or billions were offend for curing diseases or re-growing limbs naturally, it would be done quickly.

What kind of world do we live in when you buy a home that you allegedly own, you still have to pay property taxes? For what, why, and who are these people? We are seeing the system collapse right before our eyes while politicians continue to lie. Soon, people will seek alternatives as the current socioeconomic structure is a corrupt fallacy that needs to be discarded.

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