Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 12 August 2021

A List of Who Will Likely Be The New World Superpowers & What Will Happen to America

A nation is defined by its borders, language, and culture. Right now, America is losing its identity thanks to illegal immigration, dividing of people, and the fake planned pandemic. Previously powerful civilizations like Rome, Greece, and Egypt, had similar things happen to them before their fall and now America is on course to suffer the same fate. Unless a barrage of miracles happen to rescue the country, the United States will no longer remain the world superpower. But who will take its place? Is it going to be communist China, or how about the return of the Soviet Union? Well, all you have to do is look at those who protect their culture, no matter how radical it may be. Even Nazi Germany and Napoleon’s France were once powerful because they held onto their ideology no matter how extreme. America is a cesspit of diverse cultures and now nobody knows that the hell it stands for anymore.

The term, superpower isn’t limited to military strength and wealth, there are other factors such as influence, culture, and stability. Just because the United States claims to be a superpower, doesn’t make it so. There are certain countries where American global police can’t touch, and with than being said, here are the likely upcoming new candidates for the top –

Scandinavia, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates will Become the New World Superpowers

The Scandinavian kingdoms have remained relatively out of the spotlight, however, the key importance is their economies have been steadily increasing and are more stable. Unlike their western counter parts, Denmark millennials are doing better than their predecessors and enjoying a higher standard of living. While not part of the kingdom, Switzerland has held up very well and likely to do so in the future. Sweden did not have a lock down and does not plan to do so, and Norway also realized that there are better ways to address pandemics than with closing down the economy. They have already made adjustments in preparation for another wave just in case. Because Scandinavia is out of the jurisdiction of the global police known as the United States, they have continued to prosper. Iceland is not part of international affairs so isn’t affected much by globalism. Their culture and heritage are strong with limited foreigners. Scandinavia will become prosperous by default, not necessarily by doing anything innovative, but rather through its stability. Maintaining what it already has while the rest of the world economically collapses is what is likely to propel Scandinavia to a higher global position.

Like Scandinavia, Japan is a homogeneous population and does not allow immigrants to enter as they please while demanding special treatment like they do in America. They value their culture and promote it where some Japanese openly discriminating towards foreigners. Their economy is already well equipped for social distancing before it became popular as Hikikomori (modern recluse) is a growing trend. Having no military allowed them to develop sophisticated technology and it is capable of creating a brigade of robots that can wipe out armies. Their economy is strong, and they did not lock down like other countries did, and still their nation is healthy. They will continue to exercise strict precautions regarding travel so it is unlikely they will accept tourists and immigrants or at least it will be heavily controlled. They are likely to experience a boom in their major exports. While being dubbed a “Soft Superpower’, Japanese influence will continue to flourish in the West with video games and anime so its cultural popularity will give them a more powerful presence.

Dubai is open for business and advertising globally. More wealth will gravitate toward them because they offer an excellent quality of life. More importantly, they have what everybody is craving, freedom. Business will continue to boom, and this may even trickle down to The Middle East. Brainwashed Americans think that these countries are full of desert dwelling camel riding goat humping Muslims, but there are wealthy areas like Tehran that are not baron like they mistakenly think. If you thought Qatar is nice now, wait till you see it five years from now, assuming you’ll even have access.

All countries in The Middle East will generally see economic improvements while certain pockets will experience surges in growth due to less business and lifestyle restrictions. This is because modern living with first-class amenities is preferred over anything else, so more westerners will leave their home countries for greener pastures. Landlords have become smart by making accommodations more attractive to foreigners by providing first world services, and they don’t mind paying slightly higher prices.

American Politicians will Outsource The Entire United States Government to China

You may be surprised to not see China on the list of countries expected to become superpowers, maybe even India too. The problem with them is they have an unsustainable population and it is going to hold them back despite their growth. The other thing to keep in mind is both the Chinese and Indian economies are dependent on America. Silicon Valley companies outsourced to them for cheap labor but with the rise of artificial intelligence, both of these countries will eventually run out of work.

Robots will replace them and then they’ll have no one to manufacture for. If the US dollar crashes, it will also jeopardize them. However, there may be managing positions available. The upper positions once held by native Westerners at big corporations and government may very well indeed be outsourced to China and India who will then outsource labor to even poorer countries like Korea and Bangladesh. This has already happened and has steadily been increasing but in the near future it will become more apparent to the masses. Sure, you may see more Chinese and Indians taking over management positions, but this will give the illusion of progress in their respective countries because the majority of people will be suffering in poverty.

The World You Knew Is Gone

Toxic tribalism is to be expected as many groups of people will form their own groups and will fight each other for control. You will see many “countries” formed, most likely created by corporations where billionaires like Jeff Bezos will rule as Moguls. They will wield the power of technocracy with the perks of a mobile nation that can digitally expand its reach and relocate as needed. These corporations will only require about a hundred people, and their workforce will be compromised nearly 100% robots. America will be turned into a barren desert in the moral and spiritual sense, because everyone will be fighting for survival. It truly will be every man for himself. People won’t have the same rights they used to.

There’s only two kinds of people in this world today — the this or that people. Either you believe what they do, or you don’t, and if you don’t, you’re their enemy. That’s where human evolution is at today. You will see what the ancient texts predicted — the dark age of the earth. Human civilization will plunge deeper into darkness, and the morals you have today will be nonexistent. In fact, people will think nothing of it as if they never existed to begin with.

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