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Benefits of a PDF Editor for Your Business in 2021

The year 2020 saw a lot of upheaval around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, and although some things have gotten back to normal in recent months there’s still a lot of changes that will continue to be felt for a long time in the future. Because of this, businesses have had to adapt to the changing paradigm. This means updating their processes, structure, resources, and tools to adjust to the changing dynamics of the current business world. There are many new tools and resources that businesses are using, and one that is not new but has been incredibly helpful especially within the past year and a half is the PDF editor. Online PDF editors are efficient and useful tools that allow businesses and others to edit documents. The reason these have been so important during the pandemic is that PDFs and PDF editors are very easy to adapt to various situations. Being able to edit and change documents, or convert and compress them means that businesses can still meet their operational needs going forward.


           The next question many people might be wondering is “what exactly is a PDF?”. The name itself simply means portable document format which tells part of the story but not entirely. A PDF is really an image that can be edited in such a way that it can appear as a text document. This means that the image can be edited to suit the needs of any user, and this is especially true for businesses who use several different types of documents for different needs and purposes. Although PDF editors are easy to use, there is more to them than simply being able to annotate a pre-made document or fillable template. They have a lot of uses and advantages that work for businesses.

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Small File Size


           One of the benefits of PDF files is that they have a generally small file size, PDFs are generally not as large as some other files that are image files and thus can be easily emailed and transferred from one device to another. This is not always the case though as sometimes large-scale PDF files can be even the size of books and therefore can be several 100 megabytes; however, there is a solution to this problem. Many online PDF editors come with PDF compressors. These compressors can compress PDF files and make them smaller so that they can be emailed or sent to another person. This is another added benefit of using PDF editors when working with various types of document files. 


Non-text Elements Compatibility


           Since PDF files are not true text documents, they can be edited in such a way as they are images. This means that you can add anything you want to, to a PDF file. It also means that if you use an online PDF editor to create a new PDF template you can design it however you like with any graphics or layout that you want. It lacks some of the main constraints that a traditional word processor might have and incorporates several different design elements which allow for a very personalized creation.


           In addition to the ability to graphically create a PDF or edit as you would see fit, another bonus as to the compatibility of PDFs is the fact that PDF editing software or online PDF editors include conversion capabilities where you can convert one document type into another. An example of this would be taking a Word document and then converting it into a PDF file. Microsoft Word is not the only thing you convert as a PDF converter can convert a variety of documents into a PDF format which can then be annotated with the PDF editor or with other specific tools such as a stylus.


Enhanced Security


Another added benefit of PDFs is the security that they provide. Unlike a lot of document types, PDFs can be password protected to secure them from potential misuse. Also, PDF editing software will often provide encryption as part of the tools that it provides with the service. If you are a business this is absolutely critical because you are often working with sensitive data that needs to be secured. This can be information from a client or research or anything else that could be covered under a non-disclosure agreement, thereby making it important to protect. Having a well-protected document that is only accessible to be edited by those within the company with permission to do so helps to put your company in a position of security, which is not only helpful but often legally necessary.


Choose the PDF Editor Best Suited for Your Business


           For every business, there is a PDF editor that best suits their needs. A quick Google search will show that there are dozens if not hundreds of online PDF editors to choose from, so the question then becomes which one is best? Well, there might not be a right or wrong answer to this as different businesses have varied requirements and budgets. If you are working with Google and Google Drive, LuminPDF might be a good option as an online PDF editor for you, since it allows access to Google Drive and the ability to share your documents with your coworkers through this medium. There are many other PDF editors available such as Adobe Acrobat or Small PDF. Which one is best for your company is up to you.


           As the world hopefully shifts back to a position of normalcy, businesses will still need to be able to remotely work and create the documents that they need. There are many different editors and PDF tools for a range of purposes, and no matter if your business needs to simply input text on a premade PDF template or have a PDF creator for their business, having a good PDF editor will put your business in the position to succeed. 


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