Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 August 2021

Refuse ALL fear narratives

As this struggle for truth and freedom heats up we need to be careful of muddled messages and graded language that concedes important ground.

We need to focus on a few crucial points in everything we put out there, whether to friends, family or the world at large.

1. The pandemic is FAKE. Not exaggerated or opportunistically exploited – FAKE.

2. The PCRs DON’T WORK to diagnose infection so your endless ‘tests’ are largely just moneymaking scams and ‘cases’ are meaningless.

3. Most diagnoses of ‘Covid’ are just colds or flu plus meaningless PCR and 99.9% of people who ‘get it’ or are told they have it will be fine, and those who die with it will almost all be very old and very sick and already dying of something else. Just like before 2020 when ‘Covid’ was just flu or pneumonia.

4.The vax is totally unnecessary, doesn’t work and might harm or kill you.

5.Your compliance will never make this go away. Only resistance can do that.

As I said in a recent article we can all tend to forget these basic facts and begin buying in parts of the narrative without realizing.

Especially true as the ones selling this scam are very good at providing new stories that superficially appear to help our side but on closer analysis just promote virus fear porn by a back door.

Be wary of any mainstream, or even ‘alternative’, news story that ends up promoting a deadly virus – by any route.

I include in that all stories about the Wuhan “lab leak”, any alleged “gain of function” research, ‘spike protein’ shedding, ‘breakthrough infections’, vax-created super-virus, and even the claims that Ivermectin and HCQ can ‘cure Covid’.

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