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They Killed Granny – Now They’re Going to Kill the Kids – Dr Vernon Coleman

So, children over the age of 16 won’t need parental permission to accept the experimental jab for covid-19. The British Government wants to give it to children over the age of 12. And they are now testing it on pre-school and primary school children.

Listen carefully to what I’ve got to tell you.

If you’re a human and not a zombie this will fill you with rage. If the squaddies in the 77th Brigade listen properly even they are going to think twice about pressing the thumbs down button.

On the 15th July 2021, the UK Government’s advisors the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation said: `until more data become available JCVI does not currently advise routine universal vaccination of children and young people less than 18 years of age.’ They added that the `the health benefits in this population is small and do not outweigh the potential risks.

Splendid, I thought. Send up a rocket.

And then a few weeks later, on 4th August, the committee changed its mind after the UK’s Chief Medical Officers requested that JCVI accelerated its review of advice for jabbing children.

Changed their minds.

They admitted that covid-19 disease in children is typically mild or asymptomatic. But they changed their minds and said that all 16 and 17-year-olds be jabbed. And that many children aged 12 and over be jabbed.

One odd thing was that they said that `in recent weeks, reports have been submitted about myocarditis.

Recent weeks.

Take a look at my video dated 8th December 2020 entitled Covid 19 vaccine – possible vaccine side effects and you will find that I listed myocarditis.

So how come I knew about this risk half a year before the Government’s advisory committee? Not boasting but I’ve been half a year ahead since early 2020.

I can’t find any new evidence that would have changed their minds.

But the minds changed.

The membership of the JCVI’s subcommittee on covid changed and one prominent critic of covid jabs for children coincidentally left. Three other members changed too. Gosh. However, committee members said that they had not felt any political pressure to change their views on giving the jab to teenagers. How reassuring.

Just out of idle curiosity I wonder if any members of the committee have any links with drug companies or have ever accepted drug company money. Or are there any who have no links with drug company money. Just wondering. I’ll perhaps look into that in detail another day.

Politicians, advisers and doctors should know that the experimental jab will kill children – almost certainly kill or injure far more than would be killed or injured by this year’s flu: covid-19.

And there won’t be one in a million of these jabbed children who will understand that they’re taking part in a massive, unethical, immoral and illegal experiment. The Joint Committee says `in all instances, the offer of vaccination to children and young people must be accompanied by appropriate information to enable children and young people…to be adequately appraised of the potential harms and benefits of vaccination as part of informed consent prior to vaccination.

That’s called covering your back.

The queen, Dolly Parton and a bunch of influencers on social media will say it’s OK. The kids will be bribed. And not one in a thousand doctors or nurses will explain the risks in detail.

What am I saying: I bet not one in a thousand doctors or nurses have any idea of the risks.

And the idea that 16-year-olds will understand these complicated vaccines would be laughable if it were not obscene. Most kids think the jab will stop them getting covid. And stop them spreading it to granny.

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