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Best Solutions to Play Pokemon Go Walking Hack for Players

Meta Description: Pokemon Go is a very popular game among thousands of players. Players have been finding different methods to improve their experience and make it more efficient. This article displays multiple solutions to play Pokemon Go with ease. 

Pokemon Go is a top-rated game that has been in the public eye for the past few years. The game uses augmented reality technology to give the user a real-life experience of catching Pokemon. Unlike other mobile games, it requires you to step out of your comfort zone so you can hunt Pokemon in your area and do some physical activity. 

But sometimes, you may not be able to find the appropriate place, time, or energy but still, have the urge to play. For that, this article is your savior. We have provided the best possible ways on how to walk in Pokemon Go without moving.

Part 1: Multiple Working Ways to Play Pokemon Go Walking Hack

Part 2: Play Pokemon Go Without Moving in Multiple Directions and Speed – Dr. Fone – Virtual Location

Part 1: Multiple Working Ways to Play Pokemon Go Walking Hack

The following part of the article shall assist you regarding how to walk in Pokemon Go without moving. 

Method 1: Buy Incubators to Hatch Eggs

If you’re confused on how to move in Pokemon Go without walking in 2021, then purchasing Egg Incubators is another great Pokemon Go walking hack. Incubators in Pokemon Go are used to hatch eggs. Therefore, the more Incubators, the more eggs you can hatch.

Step 1: Open your game and go to ‘Pokemon Go Cash Shop.’

Step 2: Buy as many ‘Egg Incubators’ you like through your Pokecoins. You can use each Incubator three times.

Step 3: Place your eggs in your ‘Egg Incubator’ and wait for them to hatch.

Image name: solutions-to-play-pokemon-go-walking-hack-1.jpg

Image alt: buy incubators to hatch eggs

You can use this method followed by any one of the methods below to speed up the egg hatching process. 

Method 2: Place your Phone on a Spinning Turntable

Another one of the easiest ways of how to play Pokemon Go without moving in 2021 is to use a turntable simply. The spinning of the platter will produce enough motion to trick your phone into believing that you’re moving in circles. 

Step 1: Put your phone in the corner of the turntable in such a position that it is hanging a bit off the edge. 

Step 2: Turn on the power of your turntable and spin the platter at a fast speed.

Step 3: After a while, your eggs will start hatching.

Image name: solutions-to-play-pokemon-go-walking-hack-2.jpg

Image alt: use spinning turntable to play

Method 3: Play Pokemon Go in a Slow Moving Traffic

Playing Pokemon Go in a fast-moving car is of no use as Niantic has such a system that will recognize your movements based on your progress. Since your car is moving at a very slow speed in bumper-to-bumper traffic, Niantic will not be able to find out about your movement and will allow you to hatch your eggs. Follow the following brief steps to trick Niantic into believing that you’re walking:

Step 1: Start your car and look for bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Step 2: Once you get in that traffic, start your game to hatch eggs. Move your car slowly according to the pace of the traffic. 

Image name: solutions-to-play-pokemon-go-walking-hack-3.jpg

Image alt: use slow traffic to play pokemon go

Method 4: Exchange Gifts with your Friends

Pokemon Go has always been fun at the individual level but playing it collectively with friends makes it more enjoyable. With the recent update of Pokemon Go, the user can now actually make friends online. This feature comes with further benefits of sending gifts or trading items and interacting with one another. 

As this feature offers exchanging gifts, your friend can gift you up to 7 kilometers of the egg. So, if you’re confused about how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon Go without moving, then follow the given steps:

Step 1: Open Pokemon Go and tap on your avatar on the bottom left of the screen. 

Step 2: On the top of the screen, tap on “FRIENDS” and then “+ADD FRIENDS” to add more friends to your game.

Image name: solutions-to-play-pokemon-go-walking-hack-4.jpg

Image alt: tap on add friends option

Step 3: Add your friend’s 12-digit code to the box. Once your friend accepts your request, you can send gifts to each other. 

Image name: solutions-to-play-pokemon-go-walking-hack-5.jpg

Image alt: insert code to add your friend

Part 2: Play Pokemon Go Without Moving in Multiple Directions and Speed – Dr. Fone – Virtual Location

“Virtual Location” of Dr.Fone is a recent and successful update that changes the location of your iPhone GPS even if you’re in your hometown. In addition to that, they also provide a built-in joystick so you can have full control over your GPS movements.  You can also use this software like a map as it allows you to follow a route and create your route. 

As Apple does not allow any GPS spoofing, there’s no app to play Pokemon Go without moving in App Store. That’s when Virtual Location of Dr.Fone comes in handy as it offers:

  • The users can use GPS spoofing on all social media platforms and location-based games.
  • The users can teleport to anywhere across the globe. There’s no geographical limit.
  • The users can customize and keep a history of their routes.
  • The user can select a particular location by setting the coordinates on the map. 
  • The users can pause and continue their movements anytime they want to. 

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is one of the best Pokemon Go walking hacks. Follow the given guide if you want to know how to walk in Pokemon Go without moving.

Step 1: Install Wondershare Dr.Fone 

Install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your Windows or macOS. A new interface will pop up and select the “Virtual Location” feature.

Image link:

Image alt: select the feature of virtual location

Step 2: Connect your device to PC and “Get started”

Connect your phone to your PC with a lightning cable. Initiate the process by clicking on “Get Started.”

Image link:

Image alt: start the process

Step 3: Stimulate Movements in Multiple Spots

Select the second option of “Multi-Spot Route” from the toolbox on the top right of the screen. Search the location you want to move to from the search bar. Adjust your pin there and then click on “Move Here.”

Image link:

Image alt: initiate movement

Step 4: Set Number and Speed of Moves

Enter your number of moves and click on “March” to start your stimulation on multiple spots. You can also adjust the speed of your movements by the slider on the bottom of your screen. 

Image link:

Image alt: customize your speed for movement

Final Words

That’s all from our side. We hope we have successfully provided you the best possible Pokemon Go hacks. So now you can play any location-based game on your sofa or bed without stepping outside. Give this article a read to save your time and energy.


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